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This is the 34. Chapter of "The Man-Made Church."


34. Communion - Part 2


by Frank L. Preuss


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The subject communion has already been dealt with in this book The Man-Made Church: The Man-Made Church: 11. Communion and we want to call this 11th chapter now Communion – Part 1 and want to again deal with this subject in this chapter, Chapter 34, which we will call Communion – Part 2.

Already at the start I want to come to the probably most important scripture which is used here to understand our subject and that is John 1:14.

John 1:14 reads: “And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.”

The Word was made flesh is the statement which is the key for the understanding of communion.

So when Jesus speaks of his flesh then he means the word – the word that was made flesh.

And when we are to eat his flesh then we are to eat exactly the word which became flesh.

It is about eating the word of God – it is about a spiritual process.

One of the most critical situations among the disciples of Jesus was when he told them that they are to eat his flesh. When they heard that many of his disciples went back, and walked no more with him, John 6:66.

This just mentioned scripture, John 6:66, is of course also therefore interesting because there stand three sixes behind one another – in the numbering of the verse. In Revelation 13:18 this number is given to us, the number of the beast, and that again has a connection to the time of the end and there again many of his disciples will also again leave him because they do not understand to be led by the spirit and because they do not understand spiritual equivalents and therefore do not understand the words of Jesus. This being led by the spirit is exactly what is expressed in the statement the daily sacrifice was taken away, that towards the end exactly this daily sacrifice is to be taken away, the daily being led by the spirit is to be abolished, and that then automatically leads to the situation that the altar then remains empty, that our thinking then remains empty and therefore becomes a place of desolation. Daniel 8:11-13 expressed this in such a way that then, when the daily sacrifice is taken away, that then the place of the sanctuary is cast down, that then our intellect, which is to deal with God, just remains empty and is therefore desolated. Then truth is cast down, knocked down to the ground, then sin prevails and the ruling of sin is exactly the aim of the opponent of God. Jesus says in John 6:63 that it is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life. Here it is quite clearly stated that when Jesus speaks of his flesh we are to eat, that he then means the spiritual equivalent of flesh, and the spiritual equivalent of flesh is the spirit – the word. The flesh, the bread we eat, profiteth nothing. We have to eat the word because the word, the words, they are spirit and they are life. When we do not do this then the abomination of desolation stands there where it is not supposed to stand and this is explained by Jesus in Matthew 24:15 and in Mark 13:14 and there he also explains the abomination of desolation is the same abomination of desolation that is spoken of through the prophet Daniel. In the times of the end the disciples, who do not know these equivalents and do not practise their effects, will just turn away from Jesus and turn towards the beast.

The disciples who turned away from Jesus had difficulties understanding spiritual equivalents and so as it happened to some of his disciples at that time so it happens to some of his disciples today, they have problems understanding spiritual equivalents.

In John 1:14 the spiritual equivalent discussed here is very nicely and clearly expressed. When Jesus spoke of his flesh, then exactly the word was meant with it and the followers of his, who did not know spiritual equivalents because they made too little effort to deal with spiritual things, gave up and went home.

We Christians should actually have no problems with spiritual equivalents since we use them quite often. When we speak of our cross that we are to take up then we know that no physical cross is meant with that and when we speak of a Damascus experience, then we know that no road to Damascus is meant with that.

So it is again and again the fact that religious organisations have confused spiritual things and we do not realize this because this is already so for 2000 years.

Already 2000 years ago Paul drew our attention to this fact and that exactly with this subject communion.

Paul chose the subject communion to show one of the many things which were used by religionists and are still used by them, to uncover and unmask their new pagan customs.

He writes: "As the Lord called me without ceremony, but in my blindness, how could I have ever made a ceremony out of the communion?"

That is verse 33 in Laodiceans 1.

Paul deals with the nonsense of ceremonies and to make a ceremony out of communion is one example for him of several to denounce the new paganism of the Christians in Laodicea.

The most essential of this meal, the communion, is therefore not the flesh, or the physical food, or the bread which is broken and eaten there, but the word which is broken and distributed there and which is eaten by those present. It is about spiritual food.

It is about spiritual food for the soul.

The letter of Paul to the Laodiceans is one of the letters in the Bible. It is mentioned there, but is not included there. Read it.

Read all about this letter to the Laodiceans in The Man-Made Church: Meditation.

With Diotrephes, 3 John 9, we have the first representative of Orthodoxy mentioned by name, and therefore of Catholicism, the first Catholic, and with the church in Laodicea, Colossians 4:16, we have the first Catholic church mentioned by name. So Orthodoxy is almost as old as the true church. Therefore the man-made church existed already at a time when Paul was still writing his letters, and to fight it is one of his main matters of concern and this his matter of concern can also be recognized in those letters which the representatives of Orthodoxy did not destroy, one just has to read the corresponding places properly and one has to recognize the interpretations of these places, which the representatives of Orthodoxy want to insinuate, as their perversions. The church in Laodicea is mentioned for the last time in the Bible in Revelation. Jesus says, he will spue it out of his mouth, Revelation 3:16.

So a ceremony was made out of communion and that already at the start of the church, the false church, Orthodoxy. And Paul shows this act of the new paganism in his letter and this was then immediately the occasion for these new pagans to fight this his letter to the Laodiceans and to cancel it from the list of the books of the Bible. It was not admitted to the Canon but destroyed. Physically it certainly could be destroyed, but no information gets lost in the spiritual world and then, in the year 1844, the spiritual world sent back this letter of Paul to the physical world, after they had translated it into German, and Jakob Lorber received it and wrote it down and now we have it again.

And this, the letter of Paul to the Laodiceans, was only a quite small part of all the things that Jakob Lorber received from above and wrote down. He wrote for 24 years, from 1840 till 1864 and the material from him is comprehensive and unprecedented, a source of information about the things of God which is highly interesting to read and comes from the highest authority.

Hundred years later Bertha Dudde wrote, from 1937 till 1965, for 28 years. And what she wrote down is of enormous importance and how important her messages are and will be is expressed in one of her messages:

“And this work is then to remain in existence throughout endless times and perpetually testify for the infinite love and goodness of God towards his children, for the forbearance, patience and compassion of his.”

This comes from one of her messages. She received this message, B.D. NR. 1086 – „Mission of the work. Numerical prediction. Transmission of incomprehensible importance.” on the 8th of September 1939.

Read the complete message: B.D. NR. 1086.

This expression therefore seems to indicate that Bertha Dudde’s work will be the main reading material of the one thousand year kingdom, and to read it already now can only be called a privilege.

Now we want to have a look at several messages coming from Bertha Dudde, which deal with communion:


Chapter 34 0764


29. January 1939. B.D. NR. 0764.

The word accompanying your life shall be: To serve the Lord in all things I will always make an effort, and his blessings will accompany you on all your ways. Hear what the Father has intended for you: The very holiest sacrament of the altar is one appointed by God but the meaning has also to be understood wisely. Now a wall of protection of spiritual friends surrounds you which keep away everything what is false and incorrect, as it is meant for you to give men clarity through you in one question, which very often has become a dispute. Gradually a very false view has crept in to the right thinking of men, which again gave occasion to conflicts and wrong opinions. Without having before asked for the consent of the divine Lord and Saviour an order has been passed, which is contrary to the divine teaching. The vivid portrayal of the holy communion is always the reception of God’s word with the heart. Who eats my flesh – i.e. who receives my word in himself with a hungry heart – and drinks my blood – i.e. receives truth with my word and completely lives in truth according to my word – he receives me. In this meaning my words are to be understood: That is my flesh – that is my blood. So as man needs bread for the bodily welfare, so the pure word of God is necessary for the preservation of eternal life. And as wine gives power to the weak, so truth out of God is to strengthen the soul, when it receives it in itself. An when one speaks of a transformation of bread and wine into my flesh and blood then this is to be understood legally that my word brings myself home to man as it where, when it is obeyed – i.e. is eaten and drunk, and that therefore man receives myself with my word in himself because my word teaches love and I myself am love. Who loves me receives me completely in his heart and will therefore be satisfied at my table with my bread and my wine – with the word of truth and of life. The meaning was certainly properly understood but one wanted to deepen the impression of my words ceremonially but now attached the greater importance to the ceremony so that, who does not fulfil it, was declared devoid of all claims to all blessings. And so for the time being the external was kept, but the deeper meaning was lost; communion became more and more a form; the word, the divine truth, no longer found entry in the hearts; on the other hand the form was kept until today, and man believes to have fully satisfied his duty when he believingly goes to the altar of the Lord. But how can I dwell in a man who has not first changed himself into love, who does not obey my word and keeps my commandments. Who strives for receiving me bodily and spiritually and carries me in the heart must eat my bread and drink my wine – he must desire the bread of life, that comes from heaven, as food, and he must drink the wine, the living truth that flows to him who thirsts for it. Only then he eats my flesh and drinks my blood and will live in eternity because he is then in me, and I am in him. Only this way and no other way communion is to be understood, which I have set up with those words, but which you men have explained as you see yourselves fit and you have not recognized the deep meaning of my words. The more eagerly you strive for to just fulfil the form and the more you just receive my bread and my wine on the face of it, the less I will be present myself, and therefore you will not receive myself but will be close to me just in your imagination because I am only there where deepest love for me is expressed through the fulfilment of my commandments and a life according to my word – because he eats my flesh and drinks my blood: Who fulfils my will and serves me – who confesses me before all the world, he will certainly be my disciple, with whom I want to take communion and whom I want satisfy, him I want to give his part – he will be fed by me and receive the bread of heaven until all eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 0764.


“The vivid portrayal of the holy communion is always the reception of God’s word with the heart.”

The bread and the wine we are to take is therefore the word of God. And that has to be received with the heart.

In the following message the following is said about the soul: “It will not need to starve when it just desires; it will also have no need to economize because the soul is never satiated of spiritual food when it completely opens up to take spiritual food and drink.”

Therefore our soul cannot be satiated with spiritual food. Our body can very quickly be satiated with physical food. We therefore just need little time to eat, to eat bodily food; but we can spend the rest of our time to take up spiritual food. With this we cannot be satiated. So the spiritual communion can stretch over a much longer time period than the bodily evening meal.

We are to be hungry for spiritual food:


Chapter 34 3339

Spiritual power. Bread of heaven. Hunger.

21. November 1944. B.D. NR. 3339.

Spiritual food has to be received by hungry hearts otherwise it remains ineffective. God offers food to the soul, but as the body demands earthly food so also the soul must bear desire for heavenly food, and the degree of desire determines also the degree of the effect. A hungry soul is the right receptacle to receive spiritual food; it will process the food out of the heavens and also feel what power and strength flows to it with the heavenly food. It will not need to starve when it just demands; it will also have no need to economize because the soul is never satiated of spiritual food when it opens up completely to take spiritual food and drink. But the body then no longer seeks earthly pleasures; its desire for them decreases the more the soul strengthens itself at the source of eternal life. Because now life on earth no longer means so much that he wants to obtain earthly pleasures all the time. His thinking and striving is the spiritual kingdom, spiritual food and strengthening of the soul. And a man who desires such will be well looked after spiritually and also bodily because he will lack nothing because he puts the salvation of his soul before the welfare of the body and he lets earthly food not be enough for him, which the body certainly needs but contributes very little to the maturing of the soul. But when man desires spiritual fare then also bodily food will not be without influence on the development of the soul because then it draws out the spiritual substances from everything what the body takes in, which join it and increase its spiritual power. The spiritual fare is offered to men by God himself directly or through his heavenly servants who stand in full possession of spiritual power and distribute food and drink continually to them who are needy and joyfully receive their gifts. He who hungers and thirsts he will also not turn down the bread of heaven; he desires it with all senses because he believes to have to languish when he is not fed, and that is why he will not receive the exquisite gift indifferently which is offered to him from above. He will ask and thank for every gift and never pass the table of the Lord because a communion is offered to him which seems to him to be more exquisite than all the goods and pleasures of the world. And he is always invited to join, through divine love the bread of heaven is offered to him always when he has a desire for it. And who has once eaten the heavenly food, he will no longer want to miss it, because it is exceedingly delicious, and puts the soul in a state of maturity because it makes it able to work for the spiritual kingdom. The heavenly fare gives power and stamina, courage and determination. Man will become strong in faith, busy in works of love, fearless in confessing his faith before the world and therefore active for the kingdom of God. Because all weakness falls off him when he receives spiritual fare, which God himself prepares for him and offers to him in his love – the heavenly bread, which is exceedingly and effectively touches the human soul – his word, which is supplied as spiritual fare to those who desire it and receive it with a desiring heart out of his hand, which is always prepared to give. Amen. B.D. NR. 3339.


We have just read: “But when man desires spiritual fare then also bodily food will not be without influence on the development of the soul because then it draws out the spiritual substances from everything what the body takes in, which join it and increase its spiritual power.”

Here therefore is a quite informative pointer how the soul directly, through the desire for spiritual fare, through spiritual desire, is influenced and in such a way that the physical food, which is supplied to the body, exerts a positive influence upon the soul. The soul draws spiritual substances out of the food. And this again will make the separation of the soul, at the death of the body, easier. So this is again an example how spiritual attitude influences physical things.

Here something more about the influence of food on the soul. It comes from Chapter 209 of the tenth volume of the work “The great Gospel of John” by Jakob Lorber:


Chapter 34 jl.ev10.209

    See, everything you eat and drink and receive in your stomach for the strengthening and revival of your body, is not really as dead as you think! It has three parts: first the material one, which you see and feel, and of which you, if the food is well prepared, feel a good taste and breathe in to yourself the good smell of the food with your nose already before. See, these pieces belong to the revival of your body!
    When secondly the food reaches your stomach then they so to speak are cooked for a second time, and two main components develop in the process, of which one as the coarser serves the feeding of the body, its limbs and muscles, the other through the blood, which originates from these two components, is lead to everywhere, where the body needs food and strengthening.
    When these two components have been properly taken out in the upper stomach from what you have eaten, and have been led out into the body, you get thirsty, and you take drink for yourself. Thereby food comes into the lower smaller stomach, which is divided into twelve compartments. On the way of an own process of fermentation in it the ethereal material is separated out of the small cells of the food you took and serves to enliven the nerves, that is why you also can call it the “nerve spirit”.
    The very extraordinary fine ethereal, which we want to call “substance,” is lead through the spleen into the heart on a very secret way and goes out from the heart as completely purified over to the soul of man, and so the soul also draws to itself what is related to it of every food you received and is thereby fed and strengthened in all individual components very similar to the body.


So the individual components of the soul are very similar to the ones of the body and the spleen and especially the heart have therefore a close reference to the soul.

Have a look at the connections between the body, the soul and the spirit: 22 23 24

In the now following two messages it is quite clearly stated that the Lord’s flesh and his blood is his word:


Chapter 34 3676

Preparation of a place in the heart. Communion. Behold, I stand at the door.

4. February 1946. B.D. NR. 3676.

Oh, just do a bit of soul-searching and do not let me knock at the door of your heart in vain; open it and let me enter and bring salvation to you, and receive me with a glad heart and prepare a home for me in you, make my will your business and serve me by you serving your neighbour in love for my sake. And happiness and peace will move in with me in your hearts, because when you have recognized me you no longer desire the world and its goods but you sacrifice everything for the sake of my presence, for the sake of my love, which I give to you when you receive me in your heart. I bring my word to you; I bring the food for your soul, and therefore you will no longer hunger and be in want and also feel this to be a blessing earthly. Because being flooded with power you overcome all earthly difficulties, because I myself stand by you and transmit the power to you. Because now you no longer walk alone through the valley of earth; you have me as permanent companion once I have taken up residence in your heart, when you have prepared it through your will as reception for me, through work in love. When I knock at the door of your heart and offer my word, only your will is decisive to let me enter. Then this will is directed towards the right aim because it was meant for me at the right time. First you receive me as stranger; then you recognize me and establish the right relationship; you let me be friend and brother; you see in me the father from eternity; deeply you feel indebted to me as my children, and the relationship from you to me will be more and more close until you have found union, until you are united through permanent work of love with me for ever. Let me into your hearts when I knock to bring the word to you – do not resist; receive me with a glad heart and rich blessings will blossom out of your willingness. I leave no-one out to bring salvation to him but who keeps his house locked when I knock, who refuses to receive myself, he will have to expect no longer gifts of favour for ever because his will itself closes its mind to it and will also never be forced by me. But do not let my call remain unheard; open for me for your own sake so that your soul does not need to hunger and starve; offer food to it which I myself bring to you; be my guests; let yourselves be fed and given to drink with my word, with bread of heaven, which power you need to become one with me. Receive myself in your hearts so that I can hand communion to you, that I can satisfy you with my flesh and my blood – with my word, which power must flow through you to be able to become happy. And that is why you are to open when I knock to desire admittance – do not fear that a false prophet wants to lead you astray, that he could offer you food which does not agree with you. My word is recognizable because it preaches love – and therefore it is offered by love itself, by me, who comes in the word to men to help them in their great spiritual want, who desires admittance into their hearts to be able to have an effect in the hearts myself for the benefit of all who receive me and prepare a home for me. Do not let the admonition die away at your ear but pay attention to it, and when I come, widely open the door to your heart and receive me. And you will be inexpressibly happy already on earth and one day in eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 3676.


At communion it is therefore about to take the bread of heaven, his bread of heaven, and then we connect ourselves with our father and that is the most important thing that we will ever be able to do in life and it is to remain a perpetual matter and then we are led by the spirit and are God’s children.


Chapter 34 3728

Who eats my flesh.

28. March 1946. B.D. NR. 3728.

Connect yourselves with me in spirit and you will be able to draw out of the source of life; you will be able to satisfy yourselves with the bread of heaven; you will receive power and no longer have to starve despite earthly trouble because body and soul will be strengthened when you receive my word, the bread of heaven – body and soul will live – former as long as I have determined, but the latter in eternity. Only one thing is necessary for you, that you feed the soul, that you supply it with food which guarantees life to it because a dead soul in a body no matter how much joy of living is in it is your ruin when you have to give up earthly life; because a dead soul is powerless, but not without feeling, and it suffers immeasurable agonies in its dead state. That is why you are to create life for it; do not let it enter eternity in that dead state but take care that it lives and can be active in life in the hereafter, that it is full of power and therefore also happy. And the life of the soul requires a permanent supply of food, of spiritual food, so that it becomes powerful and can be active. Permanently I as donator of spiritual food offer you this and wait for your willingness to receive it; permanently I call you to communion to offer you my word, my flesh and my blood, to satisfy you with a food which guarantees eternal life to your soul – and you are to follow my call; with a hungry heart you are to come and be fed and be given to drink by me; you are to be my guests whom I feed with everything what your soul needs to be able to live. You are not to despise my communion; you are not to pass it by and leave the food untouched which my love offers to you – always and always you are to seek the connection with me and let yourselves be given presents, i.e. bear a desire for my present and receive it with thanks. Because I can give nothing to you when you desire nothing, because my food, the bread of heaven, is quite delicious and cannot be imparted to those who do not bear any desire for it. And that is why your heart must drive you towards me; you must seek union with me and ask me for food for your soul; fully consciously you have to step before me and want to receive communion, my word, which I offer to you in all love, which is spiritual food and spiritual drink which I bless with my power and which is therefore life giving for him who enjoys it in the desire for me and my love. And his desire will be satisfied and still always again and again drive him to me because who once has enjoyed my bread of heaven, who once has refreshed himself at the source of my love, he always returns again and again to it; he no longer can exist without the food for his soul; he will be a permanent guest at my table, and I will be able to serve him communion always and forever. And his soul will live; it has overcome death, and it can never sink back into the state of death because my food secures it eternal life as I have promised with the words: Who eats my flesh and drinks my blood, he has eternal life. Amen. B.D. NR. 3728.


In this message it says that we no longer have to starve despite earthly misery because body and soul will be strengthened when we receive his word, the bread of heaven – body and soul will live. This is again a hint that we will be fed supernaturally in the time of tribulation. When all the world has to suffer then we will be fed supernaturally and supernaturally kept warm.

In the now following message the true communion is shown to us – the union with God. Our will has to be addressed that a decision is necessary from us, therefore requires a mental activity to want to have the bread of heaven and to request it.


Chapter 34 3740

This do in remembrance of me. Communion.

9. and 10. April 1946. B.D. NR. 3740.

Power, wisdom and also life is initiated by me. And so I have to be recognized as source of power and of light, and union with me has to be sought to reach life through receiving power and light. Therefore I must be able to find myself in you again, i.e., light and power, therefore knowledge about eternal truth and as a result of this, power in all fullness must be in you – my spirit must be effective in you – and therefore I myself be able to be effective in you, only then you will live, but also no longer lose life in eternity. You are then united with me, and this union is true communion. Union with me is essential, otherwise you will neither be able to receive power nor light because union with the eternal original source has to take place when now the flow of my love is to lead up to the heart of man. But to produce that union the will for that is required first to receive something from me. But the will requires mental activity, therefore I have to be recognized by heart and intellect as source and therefore as giver of what man desires, and mentally man has to strive towards me. Only then the will gets active, and it fulfils the conditions which cause the union with me. The will having become active is equal to work in love. But this is essential, and so my love command is never to be passed by those who want to communicate truthfully, who want to unite with me. Hand out gifts; feed and give drink to your neighbour who is needy; make his need your business spiritually and earthly; give as I have given you; refresh the soul and the body of the neighbour; show mercy to the weak and sick; comfort the afflicted; console the depressed; relieve trouble always and permanently, always with regard to me who has set an example of the way on earth to you. Share everything what you own with the poor. Then you fulfil my commandment of love and so the first condition for union with me because only then can I unite with you when you have formed your heart to love, otherwise union with me is impossible, and no matter how many outer forms you heed, which have no influence on the state of your heart. I want to give life to you, to give you power and light in excess, but this is never possible as long as you do not let your will become active, as long as you do not practise love. But how you are to practise love, I have taught you myself and admonished you permanently to follow me. Think of me and my teaching, and then you act accordingly, and you will certainly become the reception container of my spirit; you will therefore let the part of myself become effective in you. Through work in love you draw myself to you, and therefore you unite with me, the original source of power and of light from eternity, and consequently you also can receive without restriction light and power – knowledge and might. (10th of April 1946) Union with me must first be carried out through work in love, then only can I myself be present in you – also in spirit, and only then can I feed you and give you drink with spiritual food, with flesh and blood, with my body in spiritual sense. Because I myself am the word, therefore I hand you communion when I impart my word to you, which is the spiritual food of your soul; you certainly can also receive this food without first working in love, but then it is no communication, no union with me, because then it is still no communion; but it can lead you to it when you receive the word not only with the ears, but receive it with the heart and live accordingly. Only letting your will become active, working in love, establishes the spiritual union with me. But work in love consists of giving, of uninterrupted imparting and distributing of what you possess, what makes yourselves happy to also make fellow man, who is in need of it, happy. And when you do not practise this, when you do not seek to follow me in this, you will not be able to be fed at my table, you will not be able to hold communion with me, because you switch yourselves off as my guests, because I then remain unapproachable until you have changed yourselves to love, which is my original substance and will remain so forever. When you receive communion in the form you men have chosen, then this always only remains an outer act, which only then gets the deep spiritual meaning, when your heart is filled with deep love, but which is not allowed to just move you by intuition, but must be expressed in works of unselfish neighbourly love. Because only he who remains in love, he will remain in me and I in him. Communion is also based on this my word, which is instituted by me. And you are always to keep my conduct in mind and follow me in everything. And so, as you hand out, so it will also be allotted to you, spiritually and earthly; you will be, when you stand in close union with me through love, satisfied and strengthened always. In remembrance of me constantly carry out works of love – and by it produce the secure union with me, which guarantees the supply of my word, my flesh and blood, - that is the deep spiritual meaning of it: Do this in remembrance of me, whom all of you will well understand, when your will is serious to fathom the spiritual meaning of my words. Amen. B.D. NR. 3740.


Also in the following the hearing of God’s word is described as the receiving of bread and wine, his flesh and his blood:


Chapter 34 4053

Sin against the spirit.

31. May 1947. B.D. NR. 4053.

As sin against the spirit has to be considered when men recognize the word which is offered to them by me as truth and they still do not want to accept it, i.e. reject my servants on earth or set no value on receiving my word. It is a special favour when my word is imparted to man because it is the bread which comes out of the heavens and therefore is also of special effect on the human soul. It is given through the voice of the spirit; it is my spirit which units with the spirit spark in man; it is highest spirit material, a gift of favour of such incomprehensible value, and is to be received with thanks and also be valued as delicious gift of favour by him who recognizes it as my gift, who feels touched by the truth, who has to recognize it as valuable content wise, as being of divine origin. And such a man understandably sins against the spirit when he receives my word indifferently, when he resists making the content his spiritual property by thinking about it and commenting on the content. Because I myself approached him, and he does not pay attention to me; I have knocked at his door and desired admittance, and he does not receive me; I talk to him, and he does not listen to me; I offer him bread and wine, my flesh and my blood, and he rejects what is to be refreshment and strengthening for him for his earth life. And whom I once approached without having found reception, he will have to wrestle a very long time before the favour is again given to him; he will not be invited again easily by me to communion because he did not accept my first invitation. And the sin against the spirit is exceedingly serious because it can result in complete lack of knowledge; man can completely go blind in spirit because I myself then take the ability to gain knowledge from him once he tries to put out the light through his refusal because he well perceives the shining of the light and still does not go the way which is brightly lighted for him; because he prefers carrying on walking the old way from which I want to guide him over to the right way. Who can recognize the effect of the spirit, he also has the duty to take note of the content of the announcements which come from my kingdom because I certainly offer delicious material to men on earth, and when faith exists that the spiritual material originated from me it also must be valued as divine gift, it must be received joyfully and spread everywhere so that fellow men are blessed by my revelations, who are not themselves able to hear the voice of the spirit in them. And those who receive it as my gift will be blessed because they receive myself and stand from now on in my favour. I myself am now with them, and my presence secures them permanent guidance, permanent help in every want and a degree of favour which they themselves can increase through their love for me and securely reach their aim on earth – that they form themselves to a being of light because my word imparts power to them at the same time, that is why understandably every man comes away empty-handed who sins against the spirit. Amen. B.D. NR. 4053.


The word of God is just God’s flesh and blood, the bread of heaven. And in this next message we also hear why the man-made churches received Jesus’ words literally: “They were without love and therefore received literally what had to be understood spiritually.”


Chapter 34 4079

Word of God flesh and blood. Bread of heaven. Becoming one.

7. and 8. July 1947. B.D. NR. 4079.

The desire for spiritual food is a sure sign of the upward impetus, and this desire will always be fulfilled insofar as I hand out my gift and satisfy men with heavenly bred, that I take them to my table and offer them communion, that I let them taste my flesh and my blood, so that they refresh themselves at it and become blessed. They will reach the target very safely, a high maturity of the soul, which secures them my nearness on earth and in the spiritual kingdom. Because who has my communion he is already closely connected to me, and he will feel my nearness because he hears me; he accepts my word; he eats my flesh and drinks my blood, and therefore he receives me myself when he lets himself be fed in the desire for me with the bread of heaven which my loves gives to him. I am the bread of life, and who eats it he will never die in eternity. I have spoken these words to men, and they did not understand me because only he will grasp the spiritual meaning who has love in himself. But they were without love and therefore received literally what had to be understood spiritually. The same way people of the present time have not yet fathomed the depth of my word, they also do not understand the spiritual meaning and therefore have the wrong view of communion, of the feeding at the table of the Lord. They might make an effort to act according to my word and receive communion, but they do not know my will, and when I announce this my will through my awakened servants they do not believe it and stick to what they have already taken over as wrong. I offer myself to them in the word, and who with a hungry heart receives me in his heart, he receives communion, he will be fed by me and be given to drink, he eats my flesh and drinks my blood, i.e., he receives myself with the word, me who is the word from eternity that has become flesh. My blood is the power which flows through him when he receives me in his heart, but he must desire it, otherwise he just hears the empty sound, otherwise the word does not become alive in him. But he who longs for me and desires to hear my word, he also lives in love, because love and I are one. And no-one will desire and love me who is a stranger to works of love. But I always speak of the desire of the heart, not of the stammering of the mouth, of empty words, which say the same, however are not felt in the heart. And this is to prompt men to earnest criticism, whether and when they desire my word in the heart. Because only then they receive communion; only then they can say convincingly: I am myself with them in the word. And then they experience the greatest mystery; they unite with me through love. The desire for my word expresses the love, which they feel for me, and love attracts me; love expresses itself in the face of me and fellow man. The loving man will untiringly be busy and serve the neighbour unselfishly, and therefore he will fulfil my will, as it is pleasing to me. And I will constantly give to him the bread of heaven; I will constantly supply him with spiritual food; he will never come away empty-handed from my table; he will constantly unite with me, therefore communicate at every receipt of my word because I am the word myself and closely join together with him when his heart desires spiritual food and spiritual drink Amen. B.D. NR. 4079.


“That out of my words men have created proceedings which can only be considered as pure external, which only then have the right to take place to give the gist of it, when man for the time being has secured for himself my presence through a life of love, I have not hindered, as I will also never do that, to not cut the freedom of will; but through spiritually enlightened men I constantly give to men the right explanation, who now also have the right understanding for my words and will pass them on.” This is in the next message:



Chapter 34 4115

Take, eat; this is my flesh and my blood.

31. August and 1. September 1947. B.D. NR. 4115.

I call out to the ones who are mine: Get ready and reckon with, that you are called soon and have to set to your work for which I have engaged you. The days are counted, and there are few, which are still allotted to you. And then you will be able to convince yourselves of the truth of my word and become strong in faith. But until then you will still be exposed to all sorts of difficult situations which partly come from outside and partly from inside, so that you join me closer and closer, and I can fill you with power, which enables you to defy all opposition and become willing workers for me. I permanently push you to eager soul work because I know how necessary it is for you that you do not become lukewarm. I am with you myself, and I direct your thoughts again and again to the spiritual kingdom; I encourage you to seek union with it, and send messengers towards you who, coming from the kingdom of light, teach you all the time according to your ability to grasp. And I myself give you information over whatever you just desire such. I do not want that you worry about doubts, therefore I want to chase them away through the supply of pure truth, and when you are now enlightened and are convinced by yourselves that you own the truth, it will be easy to work for me because then you support what I am teaching through my spirit in man. And it speaks in you as I myself would speak to you when I would dwell right among you. And therefore you can ask me any time, and the right answer will come to you. Because as soon as the call goes out to you, you have to put earthly work on the back burner and for the time being do what I tell you through the inner voice. And first of all I want to take from you all doubt which still burdens you and which you are to give up. I want to answer your questions, even when you do not speak them out aloud, because I know about all your most secret thoughts, about the strength of your will and faith: (1. September 1947) First keep to my word which is offered to you from above. This word comes directly from me, or it is supplied to you through light beings, who only carry out my will and teach you so as it is my direction. Along the same lines also the man Jesus taught on earth because he was also a light being, and he spoke in the place of me to men, therefore also in my will. Therefore his word was the same word that went out from me, and so he could rightly say: Who hears me, he hears the Father, because the Father and I are one. My voice sounded in him, my power worked in him, and my spirit took complete stay in the man Jesus, who consequently, as radiated through by me, was completely united with me. And this union was the result of an exemplary life of love, of a life in unselfish neighbourly love as I demand it of all men, who want to become perfect. Therefore a life in love results in the complete unification with me and this again in the imparting of my word, the radiation of myself. I am the word, therefore the word is God. To receive and accommodate the word is spiritual feeding – it is bread of heaven, which is offered by me to him who feels hunger and thirst for it. And so I offer men the bread of heaven, I say: Take, eat, this is my flesh and my blood, because I myself am the word – flesh and blood in accordance with the spirit. On the occasion of a bodily feeding, the communion with my disciples, I sought to make the spiritual feeding clear to them; I wanted to encourage them to take spiritual food quite often, to enjoy my flesh and my blood in remembrance of me, because then they always could unite with me and be full of power. That I at the same time broke the earthly bread and drank the natural wine with my disciples, that was not so important, because my disciples understood me, because they were of awakened spirit, because they lived in love and therefore also had understanding for the figurative comparison. Besides they were to take me as an example – handing out of all material to fellow man, who needs it – to feed them bodily and spiritually, and I attached the promise to it, to give myself to them – they were to find full unification with me through handing out of all that what they owned and what the neighbour lacked, so that they then received my word, through which I reveal myself to all those who are united with me through work in love. That out of my words men have created proceedings which can only be considered as pure external, which only then have the right to take place to give the gist of it, when man for the time being has secured for himself my presence through a life of love, I have not hindered, as I will also never do that, to not cut the freedom of will; but through spiritually enlightened men I constantly give to men the right explanation, who now also have the right understanding for my words and will pass them on. But without these they just fulfil a form, which is as such irrelevant and only then wins value when the spiritual meaning is remembered, when men receive my word hungry and thirsty, when they therefore let themselves be fed by me with the bread of heaven, with my flesh and my blood, to be and eternally remain united with me. Amen. B.D. NR. 4115.


God is the word – flesh and blood in a spiritual sense.

Now in the next message it says: The words from above help that the substances of the body spiritualize. Here we therefore have again a pointer to the body, how it can be spiritualized. The soul influences the body to join the will of the spirit.


Chapter 34 4297

Feeding at the table of the Lord. Communion.

12. May 1948. B.D. NR. 4297.

Words which come from above enlighten the spirit; they extent knowledge; they strengthen the soul and also help that the substances of the body spiritualize and turn towards the soul, which is why the body also willingly submits to what the soul, driven by the spirit, demands of it. Words which come from above can only be heard when an agreement of soul and spirit takes place, when therefore the thinking, feeling and willing of man is directed inwardly, from where the spirit of man, which is of divine origin, can announce itself to the soul. Therefore the spirit gives something away, what directly flows from the spiritual kingdom and has taken the way to it because the spirit spark in man is connected to the father spirit from eternity and therefore it can also ceaselessly get the power from it, which expresses itself as knowledge, which it now also passes on to the soul, which it inhabits. Consequently it is a diversion of divine power on the soul, which it now has to use when the soul is to achieve a spiritual success. It must accept the word from above and let it have an effect on it, and the consequence of the divine word will be a drive for action in love. Then the soul has therefore also influenced the body to join the will of the spirit, and man acting in love establishes now thereby the direct union with God, who now has an effect in him through his love power. This is a process which is so easily understood when it is properly explained to men, and which still again presupposes the work of the spirit in man, to be understood. Because the world with its earthly orientated sense knows nothing and also understands nothing of the union of God with man through love. Man certainly assimilates it word-wise, but he does not grasp the connection, as he also has no real idea of God’s work in man. The latter he explains to himself with clear intellectual thinking, but he does not acknowledge direct word transfer, by which he furnishes proof that he does not believe in the work of the spirit and therefore also does not know that and how the spirit of God expresses itself in man. And that is why men also lack the knowledge about the spiritual feeding at the table of the Lord. The deeper connection of the transmission of the divine word with the communion employed by God they do not grasp, and they also lack every understanding that for the word starting from God himself being the highest and best property, which is attainable on earth and exceedingly necessary for the development of the soul, and that Jesus Christ only knew the one aim on earth, to show men the way which earns them the favour to get that property, the divine word, imparted. Because he himself was in that state where his spirit, in connection with the father spirit from eternity, imparted deepest knowledge and spirit, soul and body had united to permanent work of love. He permanently got power out of God; he was united with the father from eternity; his soul was fed by the father with his word, and so he gave back to fellow men what he received himself. He handed out the bread of heaven; he passed on the divine word and admonished them to do likewise; he gave bodily and spiritual food to those who hungered and thirsted. The handing of the bread was only a simile of what Jesus offered with his word – divine truth, which certainly earns the soul the degree of maturity when it is assimilated with heart and intellect. He offered men the word, which the father in him spoke, as proper food and proper drink and admonished them to do likewise, to spread the divine love teaching and thus to refresh men with food and drink, so that the union with God was then aimed at by them and God himself can refresh them at his table, so that the spirit spark in each man flares up and God’s word from above can be heard by all who desire it, who hunger and thirst for spiritual food. Amen. B.D. NR. 4297.


It is the word of God which gives us power and is again and again mentioned in these messages and that reminds us of Psalm 191, a quite long Psalm, where the word of God is the content of each verse.


Chapter 34 4325

Importance of the voice of the spirit. Close at the aim.

6. and 7. June 1948. B.D. NR. 4325.

You hear the voice of the spirit – do you know what that means? That you have been raptured from the heaviness of earth when you accept my word, may it be directly or through mediators, that you are in contact with the spiritual world, which is outside of all matter? Do you know that you are already close to the aim, that you have already almost overcome matter when my word penetrates into your heart and does not just go past the ear? Do you know that my word is a ray out of the kingdom of light which you are allowed to enter after the death of your body, that you therefore will be deemed worthy to dwell in the spiritual kingdom while your body is still earthbound? Do you know that you, when you receive my word, are connected with me, your God and father from eternity, your creator and sustainer? That the connection is the final aim of each man and you therefore have already reached the final aim when you not just receive my word with the intellect but let it have an effect on your heart? And already on earth you are allowed to think yourselves unspeakably fortunate because noticeably and verifiably you accept the love radiation from me because I give myself away to you; I give you my flesh and my blood to you as I have promised – I have communion with you because you have granted me admission when I knocked at your heart’s door. And so you are my guests who are exceedingly dear and valuable to me and I will serve everything to you what makes you happy; I will bestow spiritual products on you, treasures which are everlasting and which you are allowed to take across into eternity; I want to give you everything you desire, but you will only demand what serves you spiritually and makes you happy. And all my angels and light beings will be available to you; they will give you enlightenment when you desire such, and your knowledge will increase, your fear will disappear; you will be conscious of closest union with me when you assimilate my word because my word proves my love to you. (7. June 1948) My word is the greatest gift of favour because it is I myself who dwells among you in the word; so you not only accept the expression of myself but you accommodate myself in your hearts when I speak to you. I have then taken residence in you, as I have promised to you. Are you then still lonely and forsaken? Can possibly someone replace my closeness earthly to you? And do you then still want to be anxious and distressed, timid and of little faith? Just take care that every word from me takes roots in you, that it wins life, that you not only read or hear it but let it penetrate deeply into your heart; live so that I can have an effect in you, that you also soon hear the sounding word which quashes every doubt, every worry and makes you happy. Then you will be prepared to give up everything, then your faith will also be strong and unshakable, then everything can approach you without making you stagger because you feel me; you know yourselves safe near me and are full of love towards me. My word is a gift of favour for which you cannot thank enough, and you are to prove your thanks to me that you carry it further into the world, that you work nonstop to spread it, that you announce to fellow men my work of love in you and through you in all men. Speak wherever you have an opportunity because men need comfort and help in their spiritual trouble; they need informed guides on the way who you are to be for them, who receive my word directly where or through mediators; do not be lukewarm and indifferent with the work for me and my kingdom; live out my word by being active in love and help spiritually and earthly where such is needed. Be my co-workers and so thank me for my love towards you, which is expressed in my word. Amen. B.D. NR. 4325.


God’s word is the greatest gift of favour because he himself it is who dwells among us in the word.

We just read, “Just take care that every word from me takes roots in you, that it wins life, that you not only read or hear it but let it penetrate deeply into your heart; live so that I can have an effect in you, that you also soon hear the sounding word which quashes every doubt, every worry and makes you happy.” Now this sounding word was heard by Jesus’ disciples and that especially at the first, the original communion.

In that night which preceded his death, Jesus gave his disciples fullest knowledge through the audible inner voice.

Chapter 34 0858

On the 12th of April 1939 Bertha Dudde received the message Audible inner voice, B.D. NR. 0858, and there it says: „See, in that night, which preceded my death, I instructed my disciples the same way and gave them fullest knowledge through the audible inner voice.”

Here we therefore have information what really happened at this original communion. Jesus gave his disciples fullest knowledge. And he did it through a method of communication which he calls the audible inner voice.

Now fullest knowledge sounds like all-embracing.

It then also says there, “And it is such a favour when the Lord expresses himself audibly to his child. Spiritually it then has the possibility to receive abundantly – it will no longer need to make the receiving of the divine word dependent on external circumstances, which often made the connection more difficult for the earth child, but it will be able to establish this connection at any time and may always be certain of the divine word.”

“To receive abundantly.”

I now want to come to another message from Bertha Dudde, which gives us more information about what this “abundantly”, this “fullest knowledge” comprises.


Chapter 34 1086

Just an excerpt:

The Lord himself will dictate words which never yet reached mankind. These are those words which the Lord spoke in the most difficult hour to those who are his, but which were never brought home to the world because mankind lacked up to now the ability of enlightenment for these words.


What is actually said here is that Jesus in that night imparted to his disciples the entire messages which then Bertha Dudde became dictated almost 2000 years later.

And that is quite an extensive material. Bertha Dudde received and wrote down about 9000 messages and when one assumes that each message comprises one page, then this would result in a book with 9000 pages.

Here it is therefore about spiritual transmission and that cannot be compared with worldly material things. With spiritual means such extensive material can just be imparted in one night.

With this spiritual transmission it is about food, and in fact not about food for the body, like bread and wine, but about food for the soul, the word. Read something from the next message:


Chapter 34 4379

Communion. Spiritual meaning. Flesh – blood.

18. July 1948. B.D. NR. 4379.

Two excerpts only:

Take, eat, this is my flesh, take, drink, this is my blood. Do you now understand what meaning I have put into these words? How unspeakably important is it that you receive communion at my table because my flesh and my blood gives you the power to attain eternal life. You have to be fed with soul food so that your soul matures, so that it secures eternal life – it has to permanently receive power which it can only get directly from me and which I impart to it any time when it connects with me.

And so everything is to be understood spiritually what I have spoken on earth. I taught my disciples, and they understood me and carried my words further into the world. And because men were taught properly, they understood and lived according to my will, according to my word, in fullest cognition of it. And therefore my church, the assembly of the believers, was at first build up completely in accordance with my idea. But this was then no longer enough for the over-keen representatives of my word; they wanted to stand out towards the world. And so processes, which were just to concern the soul, were made out to be visible to fellow men; external acts were combined with it, which perhaps were at first not to be condemned, because they were carried by the spirit, because men were serious about my will and its fulfilment. But men changed and with them also the nature of my church. What was supposed to be deepest inner experience became outward appearance; the external acts were given special emphasis, and the deep, spiritual meaning got lost – until the simple process of spiritual communion, the union with me and the direct receiving of my word was no longer understood by men, so that they now no longer considered a direct transmission of my word to be possible, although I myself promised them clearly and intelligibly my direct work through the spirit, although I myself – the flesh that became word – pointed out to them the feeding with the bread of life, with the manna, which comes from heaven. Men no longer understand the simple meaning of my word and in their blindness also do not want to accept the simple explanation. But he who wants to hear and understand, he will recognize, and the truth will make sense to him; he will strive for establishing the union with me; he will be my guest, and I will have communion with him and he with me. Amen. B.D.NR. 4379.


What was supposed to be deepest inner experience became outward appearance; the external acts were given special emphasis, and the deep, spiritual meaning got lost


Chapter 34 4492


21. November 1948. B.D. NR. 4492.

The taking of bread and wine is the sign of what you are to do when you want to be blessed. You have to take bread and wine, i.e. supply the soul with food, by stowing away the bread of heaven with its power, by assimilating my word and extracting the power from it, so that you feed your soul with food from above, which my love offers you. All this I wanted to make understandable to you that the soul is in need of food just as the body and that it has to be fed in the same way as the body by taking bread and wine. But the supply of soul food never depends on external feeding with bread and wine. This was just a comparison which was to illustrate to my disciples what they need and what they should offer to their fellow men so that they are blessed. It is alone only about the life of the soul, and that the soul needs no supply of earthly bread and earthly wine clearly follows. But I always only had your spiritual life in mind; I only wanted to secure the life of the soul for you and therefore will not demand an outward formula where soul food is striven for in all earnestness. Hunger and thirst for my word alone is enough to be satisfied with the bread of life which comes from heaven, which in fact is my flesh and my blood, which secures the existence of the soul, which perfuses it with power and therefore gives it eternal life. No-one can supply the soul with food through outside consumption of bread and wine, when he does not desire my word in the deepest heart, when he does not desire to be fed by me with the bread of heaven. Because he alone comes to me and has communion with me who lets me speak to him, who supplies his soul with that food which it receives and makes it happy. And that is why no-one can feel as my guest through the outer consumption of bread and wine who is fed at my table with soul food. Only the lukewarmness of men towards my word could produce this misunderstanding of my words and acts because as soon as man makes an earnest effort about the life of his soul the understanding becomes clear to him of his own accord what my words should mean, and then an outward appearance will never be enough for a man – which will present itself only as a figurative comparison to every thinking man as it then also really was. That men of my church also preserved the outer form in the first time was insofar justified as that they then in close union always visualized me myself, that they really came together in remembrance of me and received my word together. And I was in their very midst and filled them with my spirit; therefore they were in reality my guests with whom I had communion. (23. November 1948) I broke the bread and handed it to them – my word sounded in them. And they practised the same; they also handed out each other the bread – they interchanged what I announced to them through the voice of the spirit. The first disciples understood what the outer sign meant, but the following ones already attached greater importance to the outer sign, and so it was left, and only few grasp the deeper meaning and have in fact communion with me because only few are so inwardly united with me that they desire to hear me myself, that my word is so delicious and valuable for them to hunger and thirst for it, so that I can invite them to have communion with me, that I can hand out the bread of heaven to them and refresh them with the wine of truth for the salvation of their souls. Who is so closely united with me, he always lives in my memory; he will let me be present all the time, wherever he stays and whatever he does he will therefore also have me as guest with him at every earthly meal; he will always think of me and always desire to feel my presence through the word – he will be so permeated by the love towards me that he also informs his fellow men, that he hands out what he possesses himself, spiritual and earthly gifts, because he feels the urge for acts of love, when he is inwardly united with love itself. Now his soul receives food all the time and also hands out food all the time, and he will communicate all the time, stay in my association and also be aware of my presence. Just understand, you men, that the act of communion is not only a momentary thing, which is performed through only external consumption of bread and wine; understand, that I require more than only a dedication arising from the times. Your heart must completely get ready for my reception; an act of cleaning must have been performed before, which only requires a life of love, and a loving person will then also desire a sign of counter love; he will desire to hear me myself – he so he will hand out before himself to then receive again out of my hand a delicious counter gift – my word, which is indispensable for him as food of the soul. And when he feels a desire he will also be satisfied – I will have communion with him and he with me. Amen. B.D. NR. 4492.


We just read, “And I was in their very midst and filled them with my spirit; therefore they were in reality my guests with whom I had communion. I broke the bread and handed it to them – my word sounded in them. And they practised the same; they also handed out each other the bread – they interchanged what I announced to them through the voice of the spirit.”

We read there, my word sounded in them. And that means, that Jesus’ word not only sounded at the first, original communion in the disciples, but also after that. And this sounding of the word in the disciples did not stop sometime, but had never stopped. What has stopped is that the true church has stopped in many cases because the false church developed, but in the true church, in his church, this inner sounding of the word of God has never stopped.

A sign of his church is always that in his church they speak about him and not about the world and its affairs. Read more about this:


Chapter 34 4507

Where two or three are gathered in my name.

11. December 1948. B.D. NR. 4507.

And I am with you when you say my name, when you concern yourselves with thoughts, which aim at me. Then I am in the midst of you. Believe this and be aware of my presence when you speak about me, and imagine that I knock at every door of the heart and desire admission, and that you are not allowed to refuse me when you want to gain my pleasure. You are to open up yourselves when I want to speak to you through word or script, through thoughts or through my servants on earth who bring my word to you. Because when you hear my word you receive myself in your heart, when you keep to it you have communion with me because then you live according to my will, which I announce to you through my word – in love, and you unite with me through works of love, you establish such a close union with me that you hear it when I speak words of love to you and therefore feed you with soul food when I offer you the bread of heaven, my flesh and my blood – when I therefore come to you in the word. Let me stay with you often, let your thoughts wander to me often, and have spiritual conversations quite often, so that I can always be present with you because I myself gave you the promise: Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. And where I stay there you can only win because I always hand out my thoughts because I want to love you, my creatures, and make you happy. And you can determine the measure of my gifts of favour yourselves; you can receive much, but as you also can reject my love by turning your eyes to the world – by breaking off spiritual conversations, and let worldly interests become the focus of attention. I let you have your way and do not force you to listen to me, but you rob yourselves of much goods. I can only give to you so as your free will allows, I certainly offer you my favour, but do not force it on you, but you forfeit my presence when you turn away from me because I want to be desired to be able to give myself. Still I do not give you up – again and again I send my messengers to you who are to prepare the way for me, and I follow them when you get ready to receive me. And so you can constantly take up the favour, constantly you can be my guests when you just think of me and no longer pay attention to the world. Because I certainly give to you better than the word can give to you. That is why you are not to let me knock in vain but listen to my voice and follow it; let yourselves be invited to communion, and be my guests so that I can refresh you bodily and spiritually with food and drink. Amen. B.D. NR. 4507.


God says, “And you can determine the measure of my gifts of favour yourselves; you can receive much, but as you also can reject my love by turning your eyes to the world – by breaking off spiritual conversations, and let worldly interests become the focus of attention. I let you have your way and do not force you to listen to me, but you rob yourselves of much goods. I can only give to you so as your free will allows, I certainly offer you my favour, but do not force it on you, but you forfeit my presence when you turn away from me because I want to be desired to be able to give myself.”

God lets us have our way when we stop to speak about him and start to speak about the world.

We should always, when people around us start to speak about the world, carry on to speak about spiritual things and not give in in that respect and be persistent at least exactly the same way as they are, even more so.


Chapter 34 5355

I stand at the door, and knock. Revelation.

7. April 1952. B.D. NR. 5355.

I allow you men access to my rule and activity; I announce to you what is coming; I warn you of indifference; I tempt you with words of love; I show myself to you as loving father and I demand nothing else than that you think about everything that you come across. I want nothing than that you recognize me and learn to love me. Everything I do happens out of love to you, my children, so that you return to me and no longer leave me eternally. I gave away my life for you in Jesus Christ to chain you to me all the firmer, that you call on me in Jesus Christ and I now can help you. And I gave you knowledge about my plan of salvation; I revealed myself to you because I wanted to win your love that makes you my right children. Because your return to the house of the father only then makes me happy when you come towards me with a loving heart, when you unite with me through love, I who am eternal love myself. I want to be recognized by you and that is why I have to express myself in such a way that you recognize my love as basic principle because then you are drawn and you reciprocate my love. And then also the source of power from eternity goes into operation - and also the eyes of love recognize its effects as perpetual signs of divine favour of the father. I want to win you for ever. That is why I pass up no opportunity where I do not knock on the door of your heart and desire admittance. Who opens to me to him I want to go and take communion with him and he with me. To win the trust of my children I therefore have to do visible signs and miracles so that the believers grow strong and recognize in me him in whom they are to believe, him who did everything for you men to save you from the night of death. But even if the world sees miracles it always finds explanations of a pure natural way because it does not want not believe; it wants to live well but already here on earth and does not believe in a life of the soul after death. And it, the world, it is that no longer acknowledges my rule and work and it therefore also attaches no importance to the predictions regarding the end of the earth and the last judgement. And now two combative parties face each other - the will of life dominates the ones that never believe in the end of the world, and the will to serve me the others that therefore also can safely expect the end as last sign of my being, as last revelation to the ones who are mine. And then I come myself and reward the faith of mine because I show myself to them visibly in the heavens and I call them to me who have written my name upon their forehead. I call them and give all of them the right life, a life in peace and bliss in paradise of the new earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 5355.


Chapter 34 5384


6. May 1952. B.D. NR. 5384.

Spiritual communion, the union of the spirit spark in you with the father spirit of eternity, can only get established through love. You can well also connect with me in thoughts through close prayer, you then call me, and I lean towards you, but it remains so long a call from afar as you are out of love, then no inner union exists yet, but which is established immediately through works of love, so that you are then closely united with me as it were and in this state you can now have communion with me, i.e. I myself can supply you with the food of your soul – that I can hand to you the bread of heaven, my word, which you now can hear when you let me be present in you, therefore have entered communion with me. To communicate therefore means to receive flesh and blood – my word with its power – out of my hand, for which therefore really love must fill a person’s heart otherwise my presence is unthinkable. A person will never be able to speak of my presence who does not prove love towards me through unselfish neighbourly love; a man can never unite himself with his father from eternity who does not consider his fellow man as his brother, who is without love towards him and therefore can also never love the father, whose child the fellow man is. Make it clear to yourselves that love alone unites the child with the father, that only through love man enters into the child relationship and that then the child is fed and given drink with good gifts at the table of the father and eternally never again needs to suffer trouble. And my word is the most delicious thing what man can receive, it is certainly refreshment and strengthening, and where my word sounds there my presence is also proven, as the other way round my presence is not thinkable without an expression of power. And because I am myself power and light, I also reveal myself to man as light and power, I can be present in him who allows my presence in him through work in love. But light and power flows from my word; the souls need light and power for the ascent development, therefore light and power are the food which I hand to the soul when man has communion with me, when he is my guest, therefore finds reciprocation of his love in closest association with me. This alone is to be understood under communion, so alone I want communion to be understood, to which I invite you all, which I have set up with the words: Take, eat, take, drink – this is my flesh, this is my blood. Out of my hand you are to accept the food for your soul, and this presupposes the close union with me, which cannot be produced differently than only through love. Amen. B.D. NR. 5384.


Church 34 6135

Take, eat.

14. December 1954. B.D. NR. 6135.

Take, eat – so I spoke to my disciples, handing them the bread with these words as symbol of the bread of heaven, me word, which, having become flesh, stayed in the midst of them on earth. Eat, drink – I said when I handed the wine to them – which, the same as my blood – the power of my word - was to be brought for strengthening. Bread and wine were symbols for flesh and blood – and as I am the word that has become flesh myself, I also could say: This is my body which is given up for you – this is my blood, which is shed for you. Because only through my death I made it possible that you could hear my word in you – only through my death I burst the fetters, which kept you in darkness. Do understand, my word must sound to you when you want to be blessed. And my word must be accepted by you hungry people; you must eat it and supply food to your soul that it can live. Because my word holds in itself power, which gives it life. Flesh and blood belong to life, and I died for you so that you have life. The bread of life is the word. I myself am the word – and the word became flesh. Is there perhaps a more understandable explanation for communion, which I have had with my disciples. And always, when you receive my word and accept it hungry in you, you will also remember me. You cannot accept my word differently than in thoughts of me because he, who speaks to you, cannot vanish into oblivion as long as you listen to him. When I broke the bread for my disciples, when I handed the wine to them, I knew after all, that only the word has produced and proved the connection between me and men – I knew it that they could only reach the aim when they let me speak to them all the time. I also knew further that they had to believe in my work of redemption; I knew what lay ahead of me, that I had to give up my life for men to redeem them, and in view of it I spoke the words: Which is given up for you – which is shed for you. The eternal word itself spoke to men: Take, eat – take, drink. And you man must produce the close connection with me to hear my address to be fed by me with the bread of heaven – to be able to have communion with me. And again you can produce this close union with me only through work in love. Only then you accept me myself in you, then the power of my love will flow through you – my blood secures life for you. Then I hand out to you with full hands; then your soul will never suffer hunger and thirst because I myself will satisfy it and give it to drink – I myself will offer it communion – I will break the bread and hand the wine to all who want to receive, and these will consume my flesh and my blood, and their souls will live forever. Amen. B.D. NR. 6135.


Jesus often spoke in equivalents. Let us hear his own words:


Chapter 34 6717

Setting up words of communion.

17. and 18. December 1956. B.D. NR. 6717.

Often you will be asked questions, which you are now to answer truthfully, and then you always have to turn to me that I teach you through my spirit, that I give the right thoughts to you, that you speak out the right words when this is required of you. But because I want that truth is supplied to men I will always enlighten my light bearers; I will not allow that they receive erroneous thought material; I will always support their defences and their defence will and strengthen their feeling for pure truth and so also always be prepared to solve problems, which can be cause of differences of opinion and debates of spiritual nature. For everything is known to me, and every doubting or questioning thought is clear to me, which is why I again and again give the opportunity to men on earth and also to the souls in the hereafter, to express every doubting question, to then also be able to answer it truthfully. Because in the spiritual kingdom such questions are asked still more than on earth, where men are still too much distracted through earthly thoughts and aims and do not often let such thoughts come close to them. But they are also again often cause of great shallowness on the spiritual field because error is turned down by thinking men and also often now all faith teaching is refused with it – therefore error can lead to complete faithlessness. But truth can let such doubters become thoughtful, and they can also come again to the faith when they are of good will. And so it is of special importance to again and again give information about the setting up word of communion, which you men use as an opportunity to make an act, visible to all men, out to be my will, whose neglect you brand as sin, as punishable omission, and you now completely lost the understanding for what those my words meant. One now eagerly complies with the rules and customs issued by men, the other recognizes them as senseless and now completely rejects my words, but whose meaning was and is and will remain still so significant because I only wanted to admonish you men through those words to establish close union with me, which is meaning and purpose of your earth life. Because only through this close union you make yourselves capable to receive from me light and power in form of my word, which help you to completion. You men now believe to enter into close bond through a pure external event, through the accepting of bread and wine, which you consider to be my flesh and my bread. And again and again your erroneous thinking must therefore be corrected. (18. December 1956) I cannot associate with you before you have not formed yourselves to love. Only love establishes the joining together with me, and only then can I have communion with you; I can satisfy you with the bread of heaven, with my word, with my flesh and blood. My setting up words now, This do in remembrance of me, were the request to my disciples to hand out equally, as I had handed out to them, because that what I offered them – bread and wine – that they had amply received from me because that I have taught them and imparted knowledge to them. I had offered them my word in fullness, and they now were to carry out my Gospel into the world. They were to carry my word further so that men received knowledge of me, so that they did not lose me out of their memory because mankind had to be informed about me and my work of redemption because only through faith in me they could reach salvation. I therefore have, through these setting up words, This do in remembrance of me, given my disciples the direct order to bring my word to fellow men, the bread of life, the manna, which comes from heaven. And as a sign of the spiritual food, which men need so urgently, I handed to them earthly bread and earthly wine. But my disciples understood me because I often spoke to them in equivalents, because my spirit opened the understanding for it. I handed them bread with the words: This is my flesh, and I let them drink the wine with the words: This is my blood, and I meant with this my word with its power because I myself am the word, which has become flesh for you men. The significance to have communion with me, to be fed with my word by myself, what alone is the right soul food, what helps the soul to life, is completely misjudged by men, who are content with to go to the table of the Lord figuratively only, because they can never cause me myself through such an external act to unite with them when the first prerequisite is not there that man has formed himself to love. And secondly man must desire with all his heart to hear my word, only then he desires to be fed, and only then the food for his soul can be offered to him. Then therefore you eat my flesh and drink my blood. The word, which became flesh, gives itself to him, and amply now the food for his soul flows towards him because now he will be fed and given drink at my table; he will be my guest, and I myself have communion with him, as I have promised. When I descended to earth, the word itself came to earth. I brought to men what they needed, and because I just stayed on earth a limited time, I trained my disciples myself, revealing myself to them through the word and giving the office to them, to supply my word to men instead of me, which men then, when they lived it, was to put them into the state to get into closest contact with me and to desire the bread of heaven from me. Flesh and blood is something living, and something living only can awaken your dead souls to life. Also my word can be for you just empty letters and then it will not awaken you to life. Only when you consume flesh and bread – when you let yourselves be refreshed by myself at my table, will you feel life and the power of that what I offer you myself, and then you eat my flesh, and then you drink my blood, and you will get healthy and live forever. But the significance which you men have given to my words, can satisfy no man who thinks and earnestly strives for truth because it creates confusion and darkness, it gives no light. And the keeping of outer forms will bring no spiritual progress. But where close love towards me and towards the neighbour creates the prerequisites there also the connection with me is established, and the process of communion then needs no longer to be an empty form, because I then give the food to the soul myself and because it now experiences a strengthening in my word, which also gives it the awareness of life – because my flesh and my blood is in reality consumed by man with whom I can have proper communion. Amen. B.D. NR. 6717.


“But my disciples understood me because I often spoke to them in equivalents, because my spirit opened the understanding for it.”


Chapter 34 7666

Setting up words.

5. August 1960. B.D. NR. 7666.

And it will always be a blessing for you when my flow of favour touches you because nothing remains without effect what flows out of me when it is accepted willingly. And a willing acceptance is guaranteed when you turn to me in prayer, when you desire to be blessed by me – when you desire my address. And so I want that you experience how I want my word to be understood: This do in remembrance of me. Because you have derived an act out of this that you literally hand out bread and wine and are now convinced to accommodate myself in you when you eat this bread and drink the wine. But the proper meaning of my words was not understood by you. And still especially the receiving of bread and wine is exceedingly important but under which I want to be understood my word with its power. You cannot become blessed when you do not hear my word, the bread of life, the manna that comes from heaven. You must let yourselves be addressed by myself who am the word myself, which became flesh for you men. When I walked over the earth I handed out the word of life with full hands; I addressed all men and gave to those who were of good will food for their souls. I gave them bread and wine, my word, which I had blessed with my power. I instructed my disciples and made them to be proper announcers of my word because they were to carry out my word to the world – for all men needed food for their souls, all men were to eat my flesh and drink my blood, to all men my word was to be made accessible so as it went out from me; they were to receive purest truth which only the eternal truth itself could give to them. But my walk on earth lasted only a short time. And in this time I prepared my disciples for the teaching profession. And when then the hour of my farewell was close, when I had communion with my disciples before my hard walk to Golgotha – there I then gave them the assignment to broadcast – I pointed them to their mission to give to the world the announcement about me, about my teaching and also about that which still lay ahead of me, and I therefore spoke the words: Go out into the world. I broke the bread and handed it to them as also the cup with the wine – and my disciples knew that I described the bread and the wine as flesh and blood, that I spoke in pictures to them, and they understood me, that I requested them to bring my word to men so that they remembered me and to no longer let me out of their memory forever. They knew it that they were to hand out to their fellow men exactly as I myself handed out to them the bread and the wine. And so I appointed my disciples into their office for which I had trained them. But I never appointed such a communion celebration as you men have inferred from my words. It was never my will that you men perform an act and hope for an effect of this which however requires other prerequisites than just the receiving of bread and wine. Understand this, it was the assignment to my disciples, to go out into the world and to spread the Gospel – to announce my word to men that in reality is my flesh and my blood, the bread is out of the heavens and is and will remain irreplaceably for men who seek union with me and also have found then when I can address them directly when my power can flow into them directly and the union now takes place which is purpose and aim in earth life. But first prerequisite is that man forms himself to love because I myself – my word, my flesh and my blood – he cannot receive in him when he lacks love. I myself am love. I again can only unite with love. It is therefore not possible that I can move into the heart of a man who performs the outer act, who consumes bread and wine, but whose heart lacks all love. For under love I do not understand an emotional excitement which goes out to me in that moment but I understand under that an overcome self-love, which expresses itself in love towards the neighbour and which now also proves the love towards me. That then is a true uniting with me, in which I now can address him, in which my flesh and my blood is offered to him, my word with my power. And then man will also remember me constantly; he will start everything and end everything with me; he will make an effort to live all the time in my will, and he will go the way of ascent development – he will reach the goal, eternal life and happiness. Amen. B.D. NR. 7666.


“But I never appointed such a communion celebration as you men have inferred from my words.”

“It was never my will that you men perform an act and hope for an effect of this which however requires other prerequisites than just the receiving of bread and wine.”

“For under love I do not understand an emotional excitement which goes out to me in that moment but I understand under that an overcome self-love, which expresses itself in love towards the neighbour and which now also proves the love towards me.”


Chapter 34 7909

Significance of communion.

3. June 1961. B.D. NR. 7909.

How often already is the significance of communion explained to you, how often already is the presentation of my flesh and my blood made understandable to you as presentation of my word. How often have I said to you that I am the word myself from eternity, that I hand myself to you, that you eat my flesh and drink my blood when you accept my word in your heart. Your soul has to get food which helps it to be healthy because it is sick before, and which gives it power because it is weakened. It must be fed and given drink with the bread of heaven, with the water of life. It needs healthy food, and this food only I myself can give because it has to be eaten spiritually; it has to receive food out of the spiritual kingdom. And that is why you have to have communion at my table with your host who invites all of you that you come to him and let yourself be fed by him. Bread and wine your soul is to receive, my flesh and my blood is right food, and therefore it accommodates myself when it receives my word which I supply myself out from above to the soul. Because whether I address it myself directly or whether it receives my word through my servants – always I myself break the bread to it, always I myself hand the water of life to it, and always will it then consume communion at my table, which is amply set, so that no soul will lack food, which wants to be my guest. But I do not understand an external process under this; I am not content with that you carry out outward customs and acts and then believe that I am now myself in you, that you have united with me when you undergo ceremonies, which you understand by evening meal, by communion. These will always just remain external acts and customs when you do not desire with all your heart to hear my word, to be addressed by me – when your soul does not hunger and thirsts for the bread of heaven, for the water of life: for my word. For I myself am the word, and a great desire for my word has to seize you, and only then will you be able to say that you are closely connected to me and take communion with me, only then can I give you bread and wine – my flesh and my blood. Only then have you gone to my table to have communion with me; then you receive myself as I have promised to you. I am the word. And the word became flesh. And now understand my words right which I spoke on earth: Who eats my flesh and drinks my blood, he has eternal life. Who hears my word and lets the power of my word have an effect on him, he alone can reach eternal life because his soul will get healthy, it will mature, it will know through my word about my will, and my word will impart the power to it, to live according to my will – it will therefore not only be hearer but doer of my word and certainly come to life, which it now can never lose eternally. And because I know how you men need the food for your soul, that is why I send my messengers out and call for all to come to my table as guests and to have communion with me. And no-one needs need to go from my table unsatisfied because it is set amply for all who come to me and want to let themselves be fed and given drink by me. I have nourishing food and a healthy drink ready for all of you but you have to come to me yourselves, hunger and thirst must drive you to me, then your soul will also be refreshed; it will again and again strengthen itself afresh for its pilgrimage on this earth; it will not weakly collapse by the wayside because again and again a nourishment will be offered to it as soon as it just has the desire for it, as soon as it most closely unites with me and desires to be fed by me. I will come to you myself; I will knock at the door of your heart, and who lets me in willingly with him I will also have communion at any time and he with me. But do not believe that I am there where satisfaction is given to just the outer form – where you close your ear to my word, which reaches you from above, because he who does not listen to my word he also does not listen to myself; who refuses my word he refuses myself, and his soul will remain without food. It must live in want and enters the spiritual kingdom atrophied and miserably when the hour of death has come. Amen. B.D. NR. 7909.


“But do not believe that I am there where satisfaction is given to just the outer form.”

Now follows a good explanation why the socalled apostolic succession, see 207, is complete nonsense:


Chapter 34 8325

Right servants of God. Words of appointment. Work of the spirit.

9. and 10. November 1962. B.D. NR. 8325.

Two excerpts only:

And when spirit material is taken over traditionally, also then the spirit out of me must first be able to have an effect in the announcer to be able to understand this spirit material right and to pass it on, that it has a really beneficial effect on those whose are taught. And only an announcer awakened by the spirit is a right follower of my disciples – but not those preachers who professionally have decided to this and think to be able to acquire knowledge through study, with which they then want to work in my vineyard. These workers are not qualified because they must wait for the appointment by myself; they cannot do right vineyard work before because I want to work in those myself through my spirit who are active for me and my kingdom. And this appointment can also not take place by fellow men, by a man who has also again taken up office without inner appointment, who has also first been made a servant of God by fellow men. This announcer office is such a responsible one that the ability for it must indeed be there and human will or human acts are never enough to confer such an office.

And because this knowledge is exceedingly important I mentioned it with those words because all men are to remember me who want to become blessed. But as long as just these appointment words are wrongly understood and a completely senseless act is associated with it, deep spirit darkness is still among men. And that is why I also now again give my last disciples the assignment to carry out my word into the world, pure truth, which I could supply to them through my spirit which has an effect in you, you who believe. Amen. B.D. NR. 8325.


A completely senseless act.


Chapter 34 8567

Flesh and blood. Spiritual food.

23. Juli 1963. B.D. NR. 8567.

Just an excerpt:

I promised you my flesh and my blood, and this is so to be understood that I am the word myself, which became flesh – that I offer myself to you as food because I am the word myself, and my word is life and consequently also gives life to those who receive my word, who move it in their heart and lead their earth walk according to my word. I promised you my flesh and my blood when I walked on earth – my word with my power, which will create a basic change in every man who therefore lets himself be fed and given drink by me.


Chapter 34 8830

God wants his word understood differently.

16. July 1964. B.D. NR. 8830.

When you counter the teachings that were valid as my word up to now, with the pure truth, which reaches you from above, then you must notice the great misunderstanding in which you walk. And it is your duty to take a stand on it. You cannot agree that one can look at a thing so and so, but my word will always have the same importance and also correspond to the word from above, just be interpreted differently by the intellect of man. And this human intellect my opponent has made his own and brought in confusion because rationally all interpretations were possible. But I have given you a spiritual interpretation, and I could this only towards a spiritual awakened but who is now also completely informed how my word is to be understood and he is also to support it to take action against false interpretations. He is to call men’s attention and teach them in that sense as I did it and still do it all the time so that they walk in truth, which alone leads to everlasting life. It is to be pointed out to them that I want everything to be understood differently, that men are to understand my words spiritually and therefore also to fulfil them spiritually. With my direct address I already give them the explanation of communion – they are to let themselves be fed and given drink by myself, and for this love towards me and towards the neighbour is absolutely necessary, because otherwise they cannot experience the favour of my address, because otherwise they cannot hear my word as sign of my presence. Therefore no external signs and customs are of use for you to be sure of my presence in you. It is only love which has to be in you because only through love my presence is secured. But then also you will receive my word and therefore get fed with my heavenly bread, with the water of life, with my flesh and my blood. And when you go into this interpretation you will also find no contradiction to my word, which I have spoken when I walked on earth. I handed out to my disciples the bread and the wine, but these also knew that I wanted my word to be understood by this, which they were to hand out to their fellow men. But my opponent sought to confuse men by him foisting a different interpretation on them, but which they eagerly followed and slowly they gave up the actual sense of my word. And so you must seek to explain to yourselves all my words spiritually. There is not one word that you understand so as I want it to be understood – because my opponent had gone all out for it that he confuses the spirit of men, but that mine were taught any time by me and these always walked in truth. (by him confusing the spirit of men. But mine were taught by me any time and always walked in truth.) And who followed these belonged to the church founded by me. The interpretation of my words led to the most different means of sanctification – to the Sacraments, which all are supposed to bring sanctification to men. But how can such happen when men lack love? Only for the purpose of reshaping to love man is on earth. How can man become free from original sin through the act of baptism alone, for which an earth life lived in love belongs? How can a man become free from sins of all kinds through an external lip service when not the deepest love towards God wrests this confession from him? And how can a man enter the otherworldly kingdom freed of his sin through such means of sanctification, which is only evaluated according to the degree of love? Through my word, through the teachings from above, all erroneous teachings are uncovered for you, and you can take a stand yourselves on this. Because you have to have this one certainty that you get supplied with purest truth from one side and that I myself am this source of truth, that I also can give you enlightenment how I want my word be understood, but that I also take every opportunity, where this is possible, because my opponent has understood it well to draw you all under his spell. And you do not defend yourselves through the own will to truth; without hesitation you accept what is placed before you, and do not even turn to him who is the origin of all knowledge; you do not even turn to the highest authority to ask it for truth, which it will certainly not refuse because I just wait for this call, so that I can hand out truth in its purest form and guide men out of the net of error into truth. Because men have free will which I do not touch, but with whose help they also can push aside the opponent when they just desire pure truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 8830.


The man-made church arose because God’s opponent made the human intellect his own and brought in confusion because rationally all interpretations were possible.

The handling of community is an example.

No external signs and customs are of use for us to be sure of God’s presence in us.

But God’s opponent sought to confuse men by him foisting a different interpretation on them, but which they eagerly followed and slowly they gave up the actual sense of my word. And so we must seek to explain to ourselves all God’s words spiritually. There is not one word that we understand so as God wants it to be understood – because his opponent had gone all out for it that he confuses the spirit of men, but that his were taught any time by God and these always walked in truth.

The interpretation of God’s words led to the most different means of sanctification – to the Sacraments, which all are supposed to bring sanctification to men.

Communion was reshaped to such a Sacrament. It is just one of all the Sacraments which were introduced by men.

Through God’s word, through the teachings from above, all erroneous teachings are uncovered for us.

And men do not defend themselves through their own will to truth; without hesitation you accept what is placed before them.

We men must turn to him who is the origin of all knowledge, to the highest authority.

He only can guide men out of the net of error into truth.

All God’s word we must seek to explain spiritually.

Emanuel Swedenborg was a man who very much lived in the spiritual kingdom, who lived by faith and not by sight, who fixed his eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, and he wrote a commentary about the last book of the Bible, Revelation, and this commentary of his is called Apocalypse Explained and when he comments on Revelation 1:5, the last part of that verse, “and washed us from our sins in his own blood,” then he stresses there that the meaning of blood is truth.

Here now follow Swedenborg’s comments:


Chapter 34 ae01.30

Unto Him that loveth us, and washeth us from our sins in His blood, signifies His love, and regeneration by truths that are from Him. This is evident from the signification of "washing from sins," as meaning to regenerate (see Doctrine of the New Jerusalem, n. 202-209); and from the signification of "in His blood," as meaning by truths that are from Him (see in the same Doctrine, n. 210-213; and in the extracts from the Arcana Coelestia there, n. 217, 219, 222). That the Lord's "blood" signifies truths from good, thus truths from the Lord, can with difficulty be seen and believed by a man who knows nothing of the internal sense of the Word; moreover, it seems far-fetched to understand truths from the Lord in place of His blood; and yet in heaven nothing else is understood by the Lord's blood. This is because the Lord there is Divine truth united to Divine good, consequently no one there thinks of His flesh and blood. Thought concerning these they call material thought, of which there is none with them. They say, moreover, that they are not aware that flesh and blood are mentioned in the Word; for with them the things belonging to the literal sense of the Word, are changed into spiritual ideas, since they themselves are spiritual and not natural; thus "flesh" when ascribed to the Lord, is changed into Divine good, and "blood" into Divine truth, each proceeding from the Lord. [2] "Flesh" and "blood" are mentioned in the literal sense of the Word, in order that corresponding spiritual things may be perceived in heaven; for all spiritual things terminate in natural things; in them they have their outmost plane, therefore the Divine passing through the heavens terminates in that plane, and thereon subsists, comparatively like a house on its foundation, and is then in its fullness. This is why the Word is such as it is in the letter, and why "flesh" and "blood" are there mentioned; the angels, however, are astonished that the man of the church, who might also be made spiritual from the Word, does not allow himself to be elevated above the sense of the letter, and thinks not spiritually but materially of the Lord, and of His flesh and blood. But because they so wondered, and it was told them that many, especially the simple, do think spiritually about these things, they explored whether it was so; and they discovered that many, and almost all the simple, when they come to the holy supper do not think at all about flesh and blood, but only of that which is holy which they then have from the Lord. The angels perceived that this is continually provided by the Lord, in order that the man of the church may then be in a spiritual and not in a material idea. [3] The reason why material eating is understood and adopted in doctrines, is because men have thought of the Human of the Lord as of the human of another man, and have not then thought at the same time of the Divine in His Human, rejecting the expression, "Divine Human;" and they that so thought of the Lord's Human could not think otherwise than materially of His flesh and blood. It would have been different if they had thought of the Lord according to the universal doctrine of the church, which is, that His Divine and Human is one person, the two being united as soul and body (see above, n. 10, 26). Moreover, "blood" is mentioned in many places in the Word, as also elsewhere in Revelation (as in 6:12; 7:14; 8:7-8; 11:6; 12:11; 14:20; 16:3-4, 6; 18:24; 19:2, 13). I purpose, therefore, in the following pages, to confirm fully that by "blood" is signified truth from the Lord, and in an opposite sense falsity that offers violence to that truth.


“The angels, however, are astonished that the man of the church, who might also be made spiritual from the Word, does not allow himself to be elevated above the sense of the letter, and thinks not spiritually but materially of the Lord, and of His flesh and blood.”

Emanuel Swedenborg was born 1688 and died 1772 and after his death a church was founded (1788), The Church of the New Jerusalem, which embodies the theology set forth in his numerous works. Now these his numerous works were something people eagerly received because after John’s Revelation at the end of the first century, therefore for 16 centuries, nothing seems to have come from God, and this was now the first time that something really spiritual was available about the spiritual kingdom and it was therefore welcomed as such by people who were really interested to learn something about spiritual things. But there have been of course all the time spiritual messages that came from God, given to godly people, and which they then gave to fellow man, but Orthodoxy was always on the lookout for such material and immediately suppressed it and the messengers as well and so the impression arose that God had stopped speaking to his people.

Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) wrote Apocalypse Explained 1757-1759 and that was in the 18th century and in the next century, the 19th, wrote Jakob Lorber.

We must seek to explain all God’s word spiritually.

We really have to make an effort. It is necessary, and will in particular be necessary at the time of the end because then many, who consider themselves to be his disciples, will not really stand by him and turn away from him.

In the end I want to bring here a speech which very well expresses this difference between the true disciples and those who turn away. The speaker is Matthias (jl.ev06.49,03 – and Acts 1:26?); he is the landlord of the inn in Capernaum at which Jesus stops after many of his disciples turned away from him.

The speech is in the 48th Chapter of the 6th Volume of the book “The Great Gospel of John” by Jakob Lorber. Here therefore the 48th Chapter:


Chapter 34 jl.ev06.48

    But we, when we came out of the school into our inn, found already a best-ordered table with wine, bread and fish, and the landlord had great joy to have me and my, now significantly less disciples with him as guests.
    Only after we all had fully eaten and drank, the landlord asked us, saying: »Lord, this time your mysterious teaching does not seem to have tasted very well to the many local and foreign listeners in the big, open school; because they all went out and away annoyed. Some railed more, others less, and the foreigners and also many, who yesterday were still as disciples with you, said, you have therefore intentionally spoken there to get rid of them the subtle way, what was not nice of you, because they had already fed themselves with their own means.
    Several were with me who spend a lot of time over that and also said that they had placed the greatest hopes on you but that they had now been disappointed in a very unpleasant way, and they also said that you would hardly become established this way, despite your highly miraculous signs, with men with such teaching of yours. I let them speak and said nothing at all to it. Then they footed their bill, boarded their ships and drove off.
    But that was quite welcome for me to hear that these great-speaking wise men through you, o Lord, came off completely worst with their intellect. Because already yesterday at night, when you had retired after the consumed meal, the pros and cons were much argued about your increase of bread and about your possible miraculous arrival over the sea. One spread out his wisdom so far and the other so wide. But I thought by myself: ‘Just wait, you wise Jews! The Lord will certainly put a limit to your wisdom at the right time, over which your quite so bright intellect will certainly not jump!’ And today my secret wish came already fully true!
    I was also myself at the school and very well heard the main part of your speech; but I found nothing in it at all what could have taken me aback in the least. Because that you, although now in fullest human form, are the Lord over heaven and earth and over all spirit and sense world, that was already clear to me for a long time. Who except you can create for all men and animals the nutrient bread, and who except you gives the spirits, as now also our souls eternal life, their love and their wisdom, which I see as the true living bread coming out of the heavens?! I have still wanted to make this clear this way to some of the better ones; but their stupid and very inflated intellect still did not grasp this.
    I also did likewise when you quite plainly started to speak about your flesh and blood because they asked me how I would then understand this. Now I said: ‘That is still clearer than the former and explains and confirms my earlier view! Earthly taken is the earth not so to speak a true body of God and all the fertilizing bodies of water his blood?! From where possibly does then all the earthly nutrient bread come from otherwise? And is in spiritual respect God’s love towards us unworthy men perhaps not a truest ground for us, which bears, endures and feeds us bodily and spiritually, and is the gift of reason and the intellect and now his teaching to it not perhaps the truest and most alive blood of God, which refreshes, strengthens and makes truly alive our souls, which thirst for wisdom?!’
    Then some said: ‘Yes, that is all very nicely said; but why does he himself send no such explanation after his speech?’
    There I said: ‘He will certainly have his good reason! He will probably think this way: ‘Who really believes in me, he will also understand me; but he who still does not believe with the many signs and with the wisdom of my teachings, that I am Jehovah the Lord of Hosts, he is to go back again into his world and like the stupid pigs is to rummage in the muck of the earth!’’
    There they got mad and went – Lord, do I have because of that still perhaps not acted wrongly?«
    Said I: »Oh, certainly not! Because firstly you have understood my words basically quite well and have explained them to the blind also quite well, and secondly your concluding remark was quite in the right place! Because such people are indeed to be compared to pigs, which, the brighter and warmer the true sun of the heavens starts to shine the greedier and keener they run to the dirtiest mud puddles of the world and feel quite fully happy when they can rummage in their old muck. But I said to them in the end openly that the flesh and the blood, which they mean, is useless, and that my words are spirit and life! But the oxen and pigs still did not grasp it, and that is why your concluding remark was quite in the right place, and that is why I am now staying with you several days.
    But now still bring wine; because we want be quite cheerful today and the other days! I now enjoy you really; because you understood me better than any of my disciples. Towards evening we want to go fishing so that you get a supply for you and for us. But do not make me known in the town; because then we would have little rest, - And now bring us wine and bread!«


But in the very end still the next verse, the first verse of the 49th Chapter of the 6th Volume of the book “The Great Gospel of John” by Jakob Lorber. There it says: “We now drank wine and ate bread with it; because we were about thirty two persons and so still needed after refreshments.”

“We were about 32 persons.” So there were Jesus, 11 of his closest disciples - without Judas - and 20 other disciples. That was what had been left of them who wandered with him. Before Jesus and his disciples came to Capernaum, it still says, “But I got on a big ship with the disciples, whose number now already came anew to over seventy, and drove close to the town Tiberias over the sea” (jl.ev06.041,06a). So the number of his disciples was reduced from over 70 to 32. When it really matters then his flock will not be very numerous. The carnal Christians will leave him and the spiritual Christians will remain.



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