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This is the 31. chapter of "The Man-Made Church."


31. The Vibrations of the Soul


by Frank L. Preuss


The 29th Chapter of the book The Man-Made Church had the title The Silver Cord and we dealt there with this cord, which connects the body with the soul and especially also with the very special event, which is described in Ecclesiastes 12:6, when the silver cord is severed. This severing is also about special states of consciousness. Before the severing we have this state of consciousness which we also have now – when we are awake – and after that, after the detaching of the silver cord from the body, we have a state of consciousness which can be quite different for different people and these differences are described quite drastically through two words: heaven and hell. But in this chapter we want to deal with that form of consciousness, or those forms of consciousness, which the soul experiences in this transitional phase. Such closer examinations help us to prepare ourselves appropriately for this event; but they also help us to acquire much more knowledge about our soul and to understand it better.

In the 29th Chapter we had observed the breaking of the silver cord with three examples from the accounts of Mathael, as they can be found in the work of Jakob Lorber, The Great Gospel of John. The first example was the death of Mathael’s neighbour’s wife. Mathael had started with his accounts when Jesus had dealt with the becoming and the apparent passing and I now want to bring something of Jesus’ explanations, which he taught before Mathael started with his accounts because these teachings give us an insight into our subject.

Therefore now these explanations of Jesus follow:


And now, as we also have profitably discussed this minor matter, which resulted from the appearance of the disciple Judas Iscariot, we again return to our reflections of the becoming and the apparent passing and now want to examine especially the latter!«

(The Lord:) »The becoming of a thing, of an object, of a being or even of a man has certainly always something exhilarating in itself, but the visible passing and the dissolving, especially that of a man, has only something sad in itself, which always fills every man’s feeling with melancholy.

But I ask and say: Yes, why is this so, when men yet still have any belief in the immortality of the soul?! The reason lies deeper than you might think. First of all this mourning comes from the fear of death and after that still much other things, but which I cannot and are not allowed to dish up to you to not make you confused in one thing and soon in something else.

Once a soul is completely born again and went over to true life activity, then certainly naturally all mourning and all empty fear of death or passing is bygone; but with souls, which still have not reached the right degree of inner life perfection, still always something of mourning over their deceased next of skin remains and in themselves something of the fear of death, which they will only then completely lose in this world when their soul has grown in their spirit and the spirit in it.

Just look at a quite pampered child when it has not gotten used to always more and more activity already from earliest time, what kind of dreadfully sad face it will make when, after about the covered twelfth year, starts a quite earnest and continues activity, even if appropriate to its strength! It starts to cry, becomes full of sadness, full of ill-humour, also full of annoyance and full of anger against those who start to urge it on to continues work.

On the other hand look at a child of the same age, which already from its earliest youth was occupied with works of always earnest kind, which were appropriate to the strengths! With what joy and with what pleasure does such a child romp about the whole day, without getting tired!

But as in a lethargic soul a great fear of all earnest and continuous activity is always at home, so is also in the soul due to the same source the fear of death, yes even of a somewhat more dangerous illness.

You will already once in a while have had the opportunity to experience that people who are quite hard-working and very busy, have by far not such a great fear of dying, as those ones have it, who are workshy but even still living well and cheerfully and – lasciviously; and this fear does not leave until such souls have taken up a proper activity.

You of course think this fear is just a result of the uncertainty in knowledge and recognizing of the hereafter. But I say it to you all: By no means, this itself is just a result of the deep rooted activity aversion of the soul, and because the soul secretly foresees it that with the taking away of the body its continuation of existence will become a highly active one so it is completely inconsolably about it and gets in a kind of fever in which then also a kind of uncertainty about the future continued existence comes to light. – Think a little bit about it, and we will then continue further in this very important matter!«

Upon these my words Mathael gets up and says: »So it may be allowed I would well like to put in a word in this matter for its more detailed understanding!«

Say I: »You just speak after all what you know and understand; for your knowledge and understanding stands on best ground!«


The last two paragraphs we had already read in the 29th chapter; there they introduced the first report of Mathael. After Mathael then had completed his report about the death of the wife of his neighbour, Jesus had answered the question of Mathael, and this question was the last paragraph there and I here repeat this last paragraph because this question describes quite well the actual theme of this our chapter:


I now would have only liked that a little bit more explained why the soul at the moment of parting rises from the chest as vapour, and why not immediately as a developed human form. – Lord, you most loving, you all wise master of all life, would you well like to give us an explanation of it?«


So the question is, and our subject is therefore, why does the soul rise at the moment of parting from the chest as vapour, and why not immediately as a developed human form.

And here we come to the reply Jesus gives to Mathael und his other listeners and now also to us:


Say I: »Forthwith you are to have this; and so then listen! The visible vapour – in that degree (form) (but dispersed, however in the size and casual form of a man (J.L.) of a man but is nevertheless a result of the great apprehension of the soul at the moment of parting, in which it out of all the fear and dreadfulness becomes completely unconscious for some moments.

It is an extraordinary activity effort of the parting soul, to preserve itself in its self-conscious existence. All its parts are put into an extraordinary violent vibration, that on that account also the sharpest spirit-seeing eye cannot discover any certain form.

The deep sounding string of a harp would offer an example in nature. After you have struck it hard it will then vibrate a while to and fro that you will also only see its body as a transparent vapour thread; has the string stopped with the vibrating, then its actual form becomes again visible as a result of its rest.

A same phenomenon you have when you see a humming fly whose wings you can only then perceive as wings when the fly has stopped to fly and therefore to hum; in the flying state you have seen it only like being surrounded by a small vapour cloud.

When the soul emerges from the destroyed, torn and then no longer useable body at the moment of parting, then it often vibrates in one span long vibrations, and actually so fast that you can assume thousand vibrations as to and fro and up and down in one moment; there it is then for the arranged observer sheer impossible so see anything of the soul-like human form over the duration of such soul vibration. Little by little the soul calms down more and more and becomes thereby also visible as human form; but if it then finally completely declines into the state of rest, which occurs immediately after the complete detachment, it is then also immediately visible in the perfect human form, provided, that it has not before disfigured itself too much through all kinds of sins. – Do you now understand such?«

Says Mathael: »O Lord, you most wise, how should I now not understand this very well? You have made this phenomenon quite evidently clear to me! But now I would like – Lord, forgive me my curiosity – to then also know what kind of tongue the five souls talked together! I myself am really also able of several tongues; but in spite of it I did not understand one syllable what these spoke together. Does any similar tongue still exist in this world?«

Said I: »O yes, the Burmese priests are in possession of this tongue (i.e. Sanskrit), and this has been the original language of first men of this earth; yours, the old Egyptian, and now and then also the one of the Greeks, all derive nearly completely from this one and first language of men. Do you perhaps think that you would understand father Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, when they would be here and would so speak as they spoke one day? O certainly not, you would not understand one word of them! You already have difficulties to understand the books of Moses, which are close to thousand years younger than Abraham, how much less the patriarchs themselves! Yes, quite a lot has changed with the Jews, therefore also the language, without a second Babylonian speech confusion. Do you now also understand this?«

Says Mathael: »O Lord, also this has got straightened out; I believe that also all the others have, and so I would like to implore you again in the name of all for further explanations!«

Say I: »These will not fail to materialize; but you still have made a lot of experiences in the area of death and therefore have to still tell some of the most memorable ones because of your brothers. What is unclear to you or to somebody else that I will then already again shed light upon to you.

I have shown to you before the becoming until the point of the transition through the falling away of matter. Bodily death is still the terror of all creation. The reason of this I have already announced to you very briefly; but the same will be set forth some time in still more detail. – But you now just get again down to your accounts!«

Says Mathael: »O Lord, only at the over lovingly request of you I will still tell several cases how I have seen them with the eyes of my soul!«


First we therefore hear here something about a further form of consciousness: The soul “out of all the fear and dreadfulness becomes completely unconscious.” So there is the form of consciousness which Jesus calls “completely unconscious.”

So there is the possibility to go through several forms of consciousness during this transitional form of life on earth to life in the spiritual kingdom. So we therefore not only have different forms of consciousness when living on earth and we have in addition not only different forms of consciousness when living in the hereafter like heavenly and hellish, but also when we go through this transitional state we can have hellish states when we do not pursue our aim in life properly and when we do not properly prepare ourselves for the spiritual kingdom. So we can always, here as well as in the hereafter, and now also in between, create our own heaven and hell. It is completely up to us. We are the creators of our fate. We have free will and can go in every direction we like.

Jesus says all parts of the soul ”are put into an extraordinary violent vibration, that on that account also the sharpest spirit-seeing eye cannot discover any certain form.”

So the soul vibrates to and fro so fast that also the spirit-seeing eye can only see it as vapour.

Upon the question of Mathael which language, which he could not understand, the souls were speaking, Jesus replies, “the Burmese priests are in possession of this tongue (i.e. Sanskrit), and this has been the original language of first men of this earth; yours, the old Egyptian, and now and then also the one of the Greeks, all derive nearly completely from this one and first language of men.”

Jesus says that “your” language, therefore Hebrew, is derived from Sanskrit. At another place in The Great Gospel of John we are told that the original Hebrew language is related with the language “in which the Nordic descendants of India give their thoughts space and form in a still little verbal way.”

In the work of Jakob Lorber The Earth we find the following:


“Quite in the middle of Asia, in the high Tibet, a nation still lives, that has the ancient patriarchal constitution. Among all old religions of the so-called Parses and Gebers the religion of this people is still the one most unspoilt. They still have the actual Sanskrit, in which the Zenda vesta is dealt with; for Sanskrit is the holy writ of primeval times, and the secrets named Zenda vesta contained in this writing, in your language: “the Holy Sights”, are historic transmissions of the manifold divine wonderful guidances of the human race in primeval times. It is therefore wrong when now and then some assume Sanskrit and the Zenda vesta to be as it were two books; the whole thing is just one book, and it is divided in the book of the Wars of Jehovah, and in the book of the Prophets. But just as the prophets through their holy sights describe the acts of God, so these apparent two books are actually only one book, which is with the above mentioned inhabitants of the high Tibet still quite unadulterated, and contains about the same what I have imparted to you in what is called by you the main work (The Household of God Volume 1) from primeval times; only that there everything is still covered in the original language in nothing but mysterious pictures, which are difficult or not at all to solve for the new time.”


So we can read the work of Jakob Lorber, The Household of God, and then have something what “contains about the same” what that book contains, which is still with the inhabitants of the high Tibet. Only that what is found by Lorber is available in a modern language and is not covered in an original language in nothing but mysterious pictures, which are difficult or not at all to solve for the new time.

This information is quite valuable for it gives us the information to evaluate the Sanskrit works. The original works of Sanskrit have probably been falsified in the practice of the religionists of the East just as the works of the Hebrew prophets have been falsified in the practice of the religionists of the West.

A good example of such a falsification is what it says here at the beginning:


“But I ask and say: Yes, why is this so, when men yet still have any belief in the immortality of the soul?! The reason lies deeper than you might think. First of all this mourning comes from the fear of death and after that still much other things, but which I cannot and are not allowed to dish up to you to not make you confused in one thing and soon in something else. Once a soul is completely born again and went over to true life activity, then certainly of course all mourning and all empty fear of death or passing is bygone.”


When that which calls itself Christianity really believes in the immortality of the soul and when its people would really have gone over to true life activity, then there would of course be no reason to mourn the death of such a person, on the contrary, it would of course be an opportunity to celebrate this transition into the spiritual kingdom as a joyful event. The whole misery of the man-made churches is of course only too clearly expressed particularly at funerals; the whole desolation of a “Christian” death exactly reflects the whole desolation of the completely dead man-made church.

We should therefore reject that what the religionists here in the West have to offer exactly the same way as we should reject that what the religionists in the East have to offer. The original teachings of God however, which have been abused by these people for their purposes, are to be seen in that light, which really radiates from them.

We now want to once again return to the first death, the death of the wife of the neighbour of Mathael, and there look at the description of the death of a “normal” person. Therefore I repeat here this description:


My father quite safely thought that I would meet spirits in the house of the neighbour, which would announce to me something for the cure of the fatally ill neighbour, and so I was then willy-nilly (i.e. willingly or not willingly) taken along. My father was then also not mistaken; I really caught sight of many spirits – certainly good and bad ones indiscriminately. But it was this time another thing with the recommendation of any healing medicine; for a great spirit, dressed with a light grey pleated dress, told me, when I approached him about a remedy according to the wish of my father: >Look at the passing away woman! Her soul is already emerging from her chest, which is the usual way of the soul from the body!<

I now had a closer look of the dying woman. Like a white vapour rose from the chest, spread above the chest more and more and became also denser all the time; but I did not notice anything like a human figure for a long time. When I was looking at this a little doubtfully, the light grey great spirit then said to me: >Just look how a soul leaves its earthly home for evermore!< But I said: >Why then does this parting soul have no shape while you after all, who are also pure souls, have quite proper human shape?< Said the spirit: >Just still wait a little; only when the soul will be completely out of the body, it will already gather itself nicely all right and will then also be quite pretty and friendly to look at!<

While I was seeing such vapour above the chest of the sick person spreading and thickening more and more, the body was still alive and groaned at times like someone who is tormented by an oppressive dream. After about the fourth part of the time of a Roman hour the vapour hovered in the size of a twelve year old girl about two spans high above the dying woman’s body and was connected with its chest only still through a finger thick vapour column. The column had a reddish colour, soon became longer and became also again shorter now and then; but after every getting longer and renewed becoming shorter this vapour column became thinner, and always while getting longer the body got into visibly painful jerks.

After about two Roman hours according to time this vapour column was completely released from the chest, and the lowest end looked like a plant with very many root fibres. But at that moment when the vapour column was removed from the chest, I noticed two phenomena. The first consisted of the body becoming completely dead, and the other in that the whole white foggy vapour mass changed in one moment into the to me only too well known wife of the neighbour. Immediately she put a white shirt with many pleats on, greeted the friendly spirits standing round her, but also asked at the same time clearly where she now was and what happened to her; she also was immediately highly surprised about the nice area in which she now was.


The vapour Mathael saw with his spirit-seeing eyes was therefore already the soul; he only saw it as vapour because it was in such high vibrations.

The decisive thing is therefore not the emerging of the soul out of the body, because that takes place all the time during earth life, probably every night once or several times, but it is this detaching of the silver cord from the body which indicates the actual death of a person.

Originally our soul was a perfect divine being, created in the image of God, and when it then turned away from God and rebelled against him and his laws, God had to take counter measures which consisted in taking the soul captive and to harden it to matter and this matter then had to develop itself up through service, from mineral to plant and from plant to animal and from animal to man.

And this leap of development from animal to man existed exactly in animal souls becoming a soul of man. Originally God only created beings like us, all else around us is just “humanity” in the state of developing back. Our actual I is only our soul. Our body, which we leave behind at death, is not our I, but are components of others, who have not yet progressed that far in their development.

The gathering together of a soul one could for instance explain to oneself like the compiling of data of a file in a computer. A file which one has in use all the time, and which gets extended every day somewhat, is saved on the hard disk in such a way that every extension is at another place on the hard disk. But when then this file is opened the next time then the computer assembles all these fragments in one moment and produces one single file and we then can see it as a complete file on the screen. Such compilation is for God of course much easier than for a computer.

In the work of Bertha Dudde the following explanation can be found:


“And again endless times of development of these tiny living beings passed until the animal world, which cover always greater and stronger forms, where already much of the gathered spiritual has united to again fulfil the assignment: to make the earth useable for the last crowning work of divine creation – for man – who had to go through all those early stages and now his soul is the composition of all those small particles, which belonged to a once fallen original spirit and as dissolved had to go through all works of creation to again slowly develop upwards on this way.”


Human development only concerns the soul, not the body. Our bodies are individual creations and only our souls go through the course of development. Every living being on earth is an individual creation – body wise. The tenets of evolution, which deal with the development of bodies, are subject to a fundamental error, which can simply already be explained in this way that there are no intermediate living beings between the individual kinds. If such a development between one kind and another kind would exist then such living beings should certainly be in existence, but they are not. So already from the simplest logic the teaching of evolution is absurd.

In a discussion of this subject I read the following: “He had discovered a number of other serious flaws in the evolutionary chain such as … lack of any proven mechanism for transition from lower to higher life forms …”

Here are some more quotes from the same source:


He first considered his roots in the acceptance of evolution. He came to the conclusion that present-day science did not supply any realistic, provable answers to the origin of life. He also came to the realization that due to the inbreeding of the theory in academia, evolution was a closed system of thinking and promotion, that “if evolutionists claimed the theory was fact, and changed the theory each time a scientific breakthrough disproved portions of an earlier version, the whole thing could become a self-perpetuating fantasy.” He found that he could no longer assume that the evidence for evolution was overwhelming and certain. Then, due to a chance meeting and conversation with a person who was reading a Bible on an airplane flight, he was told (1) that many leading scientists in the world were now rejecting evolution and believing in creation as a form of “intelligent design” and (2) that he had been taught misleading data regarding evolution in school. He was further introduced to the two types of evolution, microevolution and macroevolution.

He found that new scientific techniques, e.g., electron microscope, wet chemistry, mapping DNA, laser tweezers, etc., revealed how much more complex life is than was ever conceived, and that more and more biochemists were calling into question the theory of evolution as the first-cause of life. As he continued his investigation, ... continued to run into dead-end streets for evolution as the answer to the origin for life.

... continuing investigation into the molecular anatomy of life. It reveals his further findings into DNA, RNA and protein functions. This led him to even more scientists (astronomers, mathematicians and microbiologists) who were now attacking the random origin of life. This fuelled his doubts and led him back to the determination that the core issue had to be at the molecular level, which led him to a “simple biological phenomenon that is seldom discussed in much detail in biology textbooks and is almost never addressed by evolutionists,” chirality.

This essentially made him realize that the issue raised by chirality alone placed the odds for the random beginning of first life at essentially zero.

From the discussions that followed, ... soon realized that “evolution apparently wasn’t the issue, the Bible was.”

... came to the conclusion that the academic world spreads false rumours just like everyone else.

So again, he came to the conclusion that the only alternative is some form of intelligent design - supernatural creation - or what is commonly defined as “God.”

He became troubled over the fact that intelligent scientists were not facing reality.

In other words, Mr. ... was admitting that he’d rather adopt the impossible than believe in a supernatural Creator. ... concluded that many educators and scientists would never forsake the theory of evolution, because to do so would leave them no other choice but to accept the concept of God.


These above quotes are quite nice pointers to the fact that evolution is just a belief of religious fanatics and that there is no real evolution, evolution from and of matter.

The development that takes place, takes place on another level, on the level of the soul. And so we are back with our subject, the transition of the soul from this life to the next.

This leap of development of animal souls to the soul of a man is therefore an upward development – but does not need to always be an upward development. Something like a development backwards can exist and with this we come to the second case of a death which Mathael describes. It is the case of the robbers and murderers.

First of all I repeat one paragraph of this description:

“Finally the terrible day of horror appeared. The henchmen and the jailers arrived, and the seven were undressed except the private parts on open space at the presence of thousands, upon which they were bloodily whipped. I only could watch this execution from far, but still noticed how during this treatment a lot of black bats flew out of and away from the whipped like a swarm of bees; also like small flying dragons rose over the whipped, and these steamed and smoke now already considerably less.”

This description may perhaps sound quite occulty with the flying out and away of bats and dragons.

That is why Mathael also had questions concerning this matter. Let us read the following:


This, o Lord, is now again a little story which I experienced in my youth, where otherwise everything would be clear to me, - only not the form of the souls, which were lacking all human form, and that before numerous many vermin of bats and small dragons, having become visibly to me, fled out of the wicked. The great spirit of course gave me a somewhat explaining word to the effect, that these were just the monstrous products of the evil will; but how, - that is a completely different question, which except you, o Lord, probably no-one will answer and solve! These two you, o Lord, could perhaps solve, when it would be acceptable to your holy will!«

Say I: »Quite well and true you have reported your account of that what you have experienced yourself. The bestial form of the souls of the seven great criminals in question has its cause exactly in a certain free order, but of course only to the effect how in a body the soul specific parts seize each other or exchange, which is the same when you see a ball of worms, which crawl and climb about all over the place and so to say seek a position of more comfortable rest. When they have found one in their good or evil way then the outer form will certainly always correspond to the good or the evil kind.

See here several plants; there stands a salutary, there a poisonous! Look at the forms with the sun bright light of the illuminated ball! See how supple, lovely, gentle and modest the salutary plant in its form is to look at, and how angular, torn and here and there also quite conspicuously smooth the poisonous plant is to look at in its form, and nevertheless both kinds consist of one and the same original substance, stand in the same soil, slurp the same dew, the completely same air and the same light! And nevertheless in the salutary plant everything is salutary, but in the poisonous plant completely and totally poison! The cause lies alone in the wrong order.

You have even seen how before a perfect, completely pleasant donkey formed itself out of the completely similar glow tongues or fire snakes hovering around, which would not be visible for the flesh eye due to all smallness; do you believe that out of it with a different order of the original substance, which seizes itself to a completely organic form, a tiger, a camel, an ox or elephant or something else could not just as well have come into being?! O quite certainly! But another well-ordered seizing would then also have a quite different nature and quality in itself, which would have a quite hostile attitude towards another, and that because in every differently organized strange form the endeavour is constantly predominant and to the greatest part also remains, to reorganize in its order everything else and for instance weaker.

Love comes out of this quality, inner warmth, endeavour, craving, hunger and thirst. Is this craving, which is like lust for power, here and there too great and striving for too much, to push it under its original order, then that what is pushed into itself becomes not rarely too powerful, seizes the first order, which in nature is already soul organic, draws it into the own good, better, but quite easily also bad, worse and finally even very worst order!

But what happens because of this? Mathael, now come with your seen tiger organized criminal souls! They are from those too greedily taken soul original substances, which were not suitable for its order, were too wantonly absorbed in itself; and these then have even changed their souls into their over bad and consequently fathered out of human souls real tiger souls, and of the same origin were also all the vermin which you saw on a huge scale climbing out of the frightened criminals. But now you all tell me whether you have understood this quite ample teaching perhaps everywhere!«

Say most of them: »Yes, Lord, we understood this teaching at least more or less; but that we could pride ourselves on being at home with it quite well, there we would be liars. Out of the earlier forming of the female donkey we have certainly perceived and seen how a thing or being becomes out of the spiritual original substances. We saw quite orderly the grass grow, and how in a way by itself a female donkey had created itself out of the fire tongues. Yes, we even know through your goodness and favour, what, who and from where these fire tongues are, and how they as being related to any distinctive idea and form can seize themselves. We know it quite well how these your numerous original thoughts, of which the whole of infinity is full, although according to outer appearance looking the same, nevertheless very much differ in themselves, are lighter and heavier, depending on how they contain any point in themselves, which holds in itself something deeper, more earnest and purer, and how the more related also seize themselves first of all and start to form any organ.

As said, all this we now understand quite well; but something is for us at the same time nevertheless a strong mystery, which you, o Lord, certainly could solve, when it would be acceptable and agreeable to you. But all of us certainly do not need to explain to you where we are still lacking; for you know all our gaps which are in us, and will certainly still fill them with your favour, when you consider it to be necessary! Should it not be of any great importance for us then we are then also more than completely contented with what we have and understand.«

Say I: »To grasp the secret of the kingdom of God in all the depth of depths, you all have to first be born again in the spirit, what is now still impossible for you. Not until the son of man will have returned to from where he has come, that way he will then send the spirit of all truth, which is holy, to you; only it will completely awaken you and will complete your hearts and awaken the spirit of all truth in you, that means in the heart of your soul, and you will then through this act been born again in spirit and see and understand in brightest light everything what the heavens hold in theirs.

But that what I now show and explain to you is only a front to what the spirit will give you in all fullness. Quite much I still would have to say to you but you cannot bear it now; but when the spirit of truth will come, it will lead and guide you in all wisdom! As you now know this we then want to immediately again begin an important and further front at this place, and our much experienced Mathael will tell us another story from his experiences.

And so you, Mathael, set again to work and tell us the story from Bethany which you have experienced and well seen! We still have four hours until the rising and therefore can still hear quite a few things and also experience them, and you, Mathael, can now immediately start with your account!«


And the report of Mathael follows of what he has seen and experienced at the death of Lazarus’ father and as he, the father of Lazarus, had led a life in agreement with God, it came to no vibrations at the detachment of the soul from the body and his soul therefore also did have no difficulties to say goodbye to this earth; and also his children, Lazarus and Mary and Martha, had no difficulties to come to terms with this event, but this only materialized after Mathael enlightened them about the real facts of the case, which he had observed with his spirit-seeing eyes and had reported to them what he had heard and seen.

And after these three had heard this good news they no longer had any reason to mourn, and they became joyous and the whole atmosphere in the home where the death had occurred started to change and a situation arose, which is supposed to also be in a Christian home, when there a person dies, who had been living according to God’s will.



This is the end of "The Vibrations of the Soul"

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