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This is the 30. Chapter of "The Man-Made Church."


30. The Atheists


by Frank L. Preuss


I had read a comment of a reader to an article about faith and this caused that I had some thoughts about the atheists.

To start with, I want to first quote here the three paragraphs of this comment:

“I think the comment the author makes that Communism and Nazism were also faith systems and that their followers had a messianic belief that if they followed the true faith they would create a paradise on earth is right.

All faith systems have this tendency to get their supporters to suspend their critical and moral judgments and do whatever the leaders of the faith say is necessary and desirable.

Atheism rejects all faith and belief systems. And there lies the best hope for the future of the human race”

The important sentence I am after is the following: “Atheism rejects all faith and belief systems.”

I am quite prepared to acknowledge that this statement of an atheist is his true and honest opinion.

But this statement is wrong, and would only then be true when it would be rephrased as follows: Atheism rejects all other faith and belief systems.

But the original statement also lets the reader immediately recognize the whole wrongness of atheism.

The incorrectness is that it is simply wrong, as atheism is exactly such a belief system like all the others.

But what is to be added to this, beyond it, is that this is not recognized by the atheists, and they therefore are really subject to an illusion which not necessarily has to exist with the other faith systems.

And beyond this again one has to add that they do not recognize what it is all about with their faith system and therefore are completely deceived, are therefore duped.

One can also say that atheists are materialists. An important realization must be to recognize the atheists and the materialist as exactly such a school of religion, like all the other religions, may it now be the world religions, or their different subdivisions. In Christianity this would be the Catholics, the Orthodox, the Protestants, and there again the different denominations.

When we have a look at the New Testament then we also there have these schools. The best known are the Pharisees. Another group are the Sadducees. And these Sadducees very much correspond with the atheists.

In order to get to know more about the thinking of such people I want to bring here something about the Sadducees from the works of Jakob Lorber:


The matter looked to me too mad and horrible, and as it was anyhow already at least one hour above midday, I and my father went home, and I first told the father on the way all what could be seen during the course of the crucifixion. He however admitted to me to have seen nothing like that, but had diligently observed my eyes and exactly perceived from their focussed to and fro roaming that I must see there something special; therefore out of the innocence of my words he also exactly bought that I had told him no untruth. He, as a physician if necessary and as philosopher and theosophist at the same time, found in it very much to think about, although he in spite of all his philosophy and theosophy understood of my accounts just as much as I myself; but he decided, towards evening, to still go there again to be able to still make further observations through me, and to be able to tell the Sadducees some time quite crudely that they are the greatest oxen and donkeys when they deny the immortality of the human soul.«

(Mathael:) »We ourselves had a very keen Sadducee together with his family as neighbour, who however as human being was quite respectable, good and very agreeable, but with whom one never could speak about God and about the immortality of the soul. He considered all to be highly narrow-minded heads who believed such, and about me he said that I possessed the best aptitude to be a poet by me having such a lively imagination and illusions. To make it short, my father at times concerned himself much with him; but everything was in pure vain.


In this description two dishonesties of these atheists or Sadducees are clearly expressed, and that is how they behave towards such people who report to them about their convictions and about their experiences.

“He considered all to be highly narrow-minded heads who believed such.”

About that, one could say much, but one dishonesty is the arrogance which speaks out of such attitude.

The second is this:

“ … and about me he said that I possessed the best aptitude to be a poet by me having such a lively imagination and illusions.”

The testimony of a person is simply described to be untrue.

One simply declares another human being to be a liar because he says something which opposes one’s own convictions.

Intellectual dishonesty is the only thing one can call this.

And there we have arrived at another aspect of this sect, that they, purely from a standpoint of logic, are wrong.

The main thesis of their whole system is to deny the existence of the supernatural.

And with it they basically claim that something does not exist and cannot exist.

And with this they unmask themselves and the whole illogicality of their way to think, because it is simply illogical and impossible to prove that something does not exist.

And now we come to something still more important, namely to the real background of the whole matter.

The whole spiritual background consists after all in that this fundamental aspect of this religion remains veiled, that it does not get known to the followers, that they do not know whom they actually follow.

They are deceived and cheated, and he who deceives them exactly wants that he is not recognized as such.

But we now want to turn to the actual importance of the whole matter.

Materialism has strongly increased during the last centuries. Important milestones were the nineteenth century and still worse the twentieth century.

One gets a good impression of this when one realizes how strong this school of thought has spread among Christians. Even among Christians it is more and more visible that one is afraid to confess the fundamentals.

Just think of something like rapture, but also already of things like ascension, or resurrection, or coming again, or end-time and the end and the thousand year kingdom.

Most Christians are in their way of thinking closer to the materialists and less to the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ and even less to what he teaches us to do.

But the most important aspect of this matter is that this sect of atheists will wage a faith war in the times of the end in such a way that will surpass all previous religious wars in atrocities.

This religious war is in reality not a war against everything that has to do with faith and the supernatural, but a genuine religious war, a war of one religion against all others.

And this simply because atheists are themselves believers, are themselves a sect, present themselves a religion, and therefore fight, like all other religions, all competitors and try to stamp them out.

And this they will also accomplish. At the end no other religious community will remain. They will all have been destroyed.

Only very few men will be left there who really believe in a God and also rely on him – and not on their sect and its leaders.

And from all of this we should learn, we who belong to the ones who are left, how we can defend ourselves against this hostile religion.

And that is above all to recognize the enemy, what he really is: it is a sect, and especially a sect, which shows all the defects which were listed in this chapter.

When one uses this ammunition, it will be much easier to assert oneself in this religious war.

One has to make their own illogicality clear to them that they cannot know that something does not exist and cannot exist.

One has to make their own dishonesty clear to them that they call others scatterbrains, just because they are of a different opinion.

One has to make their own dishonesty clear to them that they deny that others report truth, truth about what they have experienced and heard and seen.

One has to make their own unreasonableness clear to them that they support something, of which they do not know and understand the background - that they follow someone whom they would reject when they would know who he is.

Familiarize yourself with these lines of thought and it will very much help you to understand the times of the end and to survive.

The main sign of such people is the following:

They are direct slaves of the devil and they do not notice it.

But I want to come back to the signs which help us recognizing such people, people who are atheists or what the Bible calls Sadducees.

They sound snooty.

They think others are stupid and may call people who do not agree with them more or less directly stupid. They think and say that their opponents, and anyone thinking of supporting them, are stupid.

And that quite apart from making them sound like members of such groups who are against the elites. They berate others for not being able to think clearly because they are scared.

They decry others as an embarrassment. They mock them as stupid.

They like to think and say that others get bitter, cling to religion or antipathy to people who are not like them.

They believe and say that they themselves have facts and science and argument on their side and with this they are opposing what they believe their opponents have and rely on: lies, superstition and prejudice.

They embrace with gusto the notion that their opponents, and by extension anyone thinking like them, are dimwits.

The mirth over their opponent seems to know no bounds.

The thinly-disguised message is often: their opponents are crazies who trade on fear.

They become a parody of the Ivy League people smugly content with their own intellectual superiority and pitying the poor idiots who disagree with them.

It is sniffy condescension. They like to belittle others.

They mock ordinary people for their supposed idiocy.

When you look at the discussions in the New Testament which Jesus had with the Sadducees then you will sense some of these attitudes just mentioned.

Make yourselves familiar with these their ways of thinking and behaving and it will be much easier for you to spot these people and be prepared for them and counter act them.


Finally I want to bring an excerpt from CB Rogers’ You’ve gotta have faith…, which shows that Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution is statistically impossible and therefore there must have been an intelligent designer behind our creation:

The tenets of evolution have come under fire due to advances in science and now Darwinian evolution does not even get past the first hurdle. It seems ironic that it takes a leap of faith to be an atheist.

As a devout Darwinist and ardent atheist for 40 years (up until five years ago), I would have considered the teaching of any form of creationism at our schools as pure nonsense.

In my student days, Darwinian evolution and atheism were the only reasonable and intellectually sound “faiths” to have.

All this changed five years ago when a young doctor challenged me to prove evolution was fact. As starting literature, she gave me Ralph Muncaster’s book, A Skeptic’s Search for God, where he started by investigating abiogenesis, the origin of first life. The book was a revelation and I was disappointed to find that evolutionary biologists/chemists had made zero progress in explaining how first life (the first living, reproduced cell) began – they had no clue.

Muncaster argued that this first living cell either started by a chance, random, natural process (evolution), or by some sort of purposeful, supernatural, intelligent design (creationism). There was no third way. His premise was simple: if it could be proved that life originated by chance, there would be no reason for an intelligent designer; if not, there had to be some sort of God.

What I discovered was that there was more chance of life in reptilian form arriving by flying saucer from outer space than for some form of single-cell creature self-assembling by chance from a primordial soup and, for the first time in 40 years, I had to consider the possibility of an intelligent designer.

When Darwin published his great work 150 years ago, it was at least a hundred years before the sciences of micro/cellular biology, bio- and organic chemistry would provide an insight into some of the secrets and complexities of the cell. Among other things, the DNA molecule, the complexity of the genome and the rigorous statistical analysis that could have shown the flaws in his theories of chance origin and macroevolution were still in the future. Had he had access to all this information, his great theory might have been quite different.

In brief, Muncaster used statistical analysis and the five logical steps outlined below to prove it impossible to produce the first living cell by random chance.

It cannot be explained how simple compounds such as amino acids would, by chance, not only form, but condense into larger protein chains and RNA (ribonucleic acid) and DNA in the harsh environment of the “primordial soup”.

How would billions of individual components “know” when to arrive?

What are the chances that DNA, with more than 3 billion base pairs distributed among the 46 chromosomes, along with ribosomes, the mitochondria, plus all the other complex substructures such as the Golgi apparatus, would know how to randomly fit in such a tiny space in just the right way and at just the right time?

The first fossils appeared 3.5 billion years ago, consequently the first living cell had to be older; at that time Earth would have been a hot, hostile place. “How would the cell’s surface (including the cytoskeleton) ‘know’ to somehow cover the cell to protect it from these destructive elements?”

How would the DNA ‘kick-start” into life without being programmed?

Evolutionists argue that with infinite time anything is possible; give a monkey a typewriter and it must eventually come up with the complete works of Shakespeare. This is no longer valid now that an age of 15 billion years has been estimated for the universe. Still, the estimated 4.5 billion years for the age of the Earth seemed sufficient time for molecules to “get lucky” and form the first DNA, RNA and protein molecules and from them the first bacterium. But probability calculations carried out by a number of scientists showed incredible odds against this time being sufficient.

To quote just two examples:

British astronomer and mathematician Sir Fredrick Hoyle calculated and said that: “…the likelihood of the formation of life from inanimate matter is one to a number with 40 thousand zeros after it. It is enough to bury Darwin and the whole theory of evolution.”

And agnostic microbiologist, Dr Michael Denton, on the minimum protein development, calculated that: “To get a cell by chance would require at least 100 functioning proteins to appear simultaneously in one place.

“This is 100 simultaneous events, each of an independent probability, which could hardly be more than 10-20, giving a maximum combined probability of 10-2 000.”

These figures are mind boggling, but, as an organic chemist, the clincher for me was the question of chirality in the formation of the cellular constituents – amino acids (all L-forms) and nucleotides (all D-forms). A description of chirality is beyond the scope of this article, but it is to do with the highly specific manner in which molecules link together in cell components. Suffice to say that the issue raised by chirality placed the odds for the random beginning of first life at essentially zero.

It is obvious then that naturalistic evolution of first life is statistically impossible and it then follows that it required an “intelligent designer”; Darwinian evolution does not even get past the first hurdle.

As each tenet of evolution comes under fire, it seemed ironic that it has been advances in science that are responsible.

As intelligent design gains credibility, one now needs faith to be an atheist.



This is the end of "The Atheists"

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