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This is the 29. Chapter of "The Man-Made Church."


29. The Silver Cord - Part 1


by Frank L. Preuss


The silver cord is the most tangible part of the soul and because one can imagine it quite easily, it is therefore sensible to deal with it specially.

In this chapter I want to bring three examples in which the silver cord plays a role and plays a role then when it separates from the physical body, therefore at the “death” of a person.

I did not just take one example but three to very clearly emphasize the differences arising at death. It is about the easiness, or on the other side the difficulty, of this coming off of the soul from the body. The more the soul is tied to the material world the more difficult the separation will be, and the more the soul already lives in the spiritual world the smoother it will separate from the body.

It is of course extremely helpful to deal with this subject in order to reach the aim of life because when it would exist in everyday usage it would make it much easier for many people to prepare themselves mentally for their end, and to ignore this subject completely, as it is done with the man-made churches, is of course part of belonging to the regiment of Antichrist and to directly lead men to the abyss.

But first we simply want to have a look at the silver cord itself.

An impressive description of the silver cord exists in Robert Monroe’s first book. I am quoting from it, how Robert Monroe found this cord and investigated it while having an out of body experience:

9.1.61 Evening. Upon a question, which Mrs. Bradshaw raised in a conversation, I wanted to have a look whether there really was a “tape” between the physical and the Second Body. Up to now I had not noticed one, in case there was one, only at times a peculiar tug. Having memorized this in the spirit, I applied the memory method late afternoon at the beginning of twilight. I worked my way out of the physical body with the help of the axis rotation and remained in the room about one metre high and a bit away from the physical body. I turned round, because I wanted to check up on the tape, but it was not visible to me, either because it was too dark or because there was none. Then I reached for the back of my head to find out whether I could feel something what came out of my head in front, at the top or at the back. When I reached for the back of the head my hand touched something, and I reached out with both of my hands. Whatever it was, it led further on to a point between the shoulder blades, at least as far as I could determine, however not from out of the head as I had expected it. I felt the beginning, and it felt exactly like roots, which branch out from a trunk of a tree. These roots reached to the middle of my back, to the neck and to both sides to the shoulders. Then out of this the “tape” was formed when one can call a 5 centimetre thick cable a “tape”. It hung down loosely, and I could exactly feel its texture. It had body temperature and seemed to be made up of hundreds (thousands?) of tendon like fibres, which were properly packed up but not spiral winded or turned. The “tape” was flexible and did not seem to be covered with skin. Satisfied that it was really there I went on my way.

So this was the experience that Robert Monroe has made.

In chapters 22 and 23 of this book The Man-Made Church I already dealt with this tape and in order to recapitulate what was said there I am now repeating some excerpts from it here:

At first from chapter 22, Mind and Body:

The life body and the soul body are separable from the physical body and from each other. The life body can't however go far away from the physical body, the soul body can. The silver cord is the connection between the life body and the soul body.


The Physical Body












physi-cal body

life body

soul body


To give another idea what it is all about with these three bodies we want to go to Ecclesiastes 12:6 where we find "Or ever the silver cord be loosed." Now this silver cord is a connection between the 12, the life body, and 13, the soul body.

Now the connection between 13 on one side and 12 on the other side is this silver cord. The silver cord therefore connects the life body with the travelling soul body. This connection allows for communication between the two. The mind, or consciousness, is within the soul body and this connecting band is there to form a link.

If somebody comes and wakes us up then through this cord the mind is informed about the event and returns to the physical body in order to be able to operate it again and to be able to again use the five senses. We can also say that it was the conscious mind that went away in the soul body and that the subconscious kept being busy with the running of the body - through the silver cord.

The conscious mind and the subconscious were away. But the subconscious maintained contact – via this cord – with the body and managed the involuntary body functions. The sleeping body perceives the act of being awakened and reports this – via the cord – to the subconscious, which is travelling together with the conscious mind in the soul body, and the conscious mind decides to return, so that it can again run the body. During the absence the subconscious controlled the involuntary body functions only, now however all the voluntary body functions can also again be controlled: the eyes can get opened, the head can be turned towards the person doing the waking up, and the ears can hear what this person has to say.

Now when this silver cord is cut then physical death occurs. But this cord is not really a physical thing and can't really be cut. It is rather as described in Ecclesiastes 12:6, the cord is loosed, is severed. The connection is severed because the physical body has become lifeless.

The thickness of this silver cord is determined by the sense of worldliness of the soul. The more the soul of a person desires worldly things the thicker the cord between such a soul and its body grows. And the thicker this connecting band becomes the more difficult it becomes to disconnect it and when it has to be disconnected at death then it will cause much pain when it is rather thick. If it is thin then the separation will be very easy and cause no pain.

So at death the soul body, 13, separates from the physical body, 11. And the life body, 12, does the same, it also disconnects from the physical body. And now both the soul body and the life body are disconnected from the physical body. They were both connected to each other by the silver cord and this silver cord connecting 12 with 13 gets disconnected from the soul body, 13. And both - 12 and the silver cord - disintegrate. And the soul body, 13, is now separated from 11 and from 12, and is delivered from the heaviness of the physical body, is delivered from the bondage to earth. Gravity has no influence on it. It can now move freely, especially it can now move towards the light and enjoy spiritual life. But it does not have to; it can stay earthbound and can continue to suffer. The soul does not become suddenly, at death, full of knowledge and wisdom. If the soul was stupid and ignorant before death it will be so after death.

So these were excerpts from Chapter 22, Mind and Body, and now follow excerpts from chapter 23, Mind and Soul:

There is the possibility that a person that has an out of body experience can actually touch and feel the silver cord and also feel where it is connected to the life body, 12, and therefore to the physical body, 11. As such a person’s consciousness is on another plane he feels this cord as if it is physical matter; but when he is back in his body, and therefore back to the normal conscious state, he can’t feel all this. Now this silver cord is somehow a connective device between the body and the soul. And something similar exists between the soul and the spirit, but this connection is already much more remote from being physical.

We have seen already that the more the soul is connected to and influenced by the body the thicker the silver cord is, and the more the soul is connected to the spirit the less thick this link is - the less bulky it is. When there is a lot of stuff flowing from the body to the soul, materially orientated stuff, then this requires space; but when the flow is more in the other direction, when more spiritually orientated stuff is flowing from the soul to the body, then this spiritual orientated stuff requires only little space.

And when we come to the extreme that only spiritual stuff is flowing from the soul down to the body then there is hardly any link anymore required. And when there is no link then there is no need to disconnect it when the soul finally leaves the body. And that means that at "death" no disconnecting has to take place and therefore there will be no pain and no suffering. So for this reason alone it is worth pursuing the main rule: love God, love yourself and love the neighbour. The application of this rule will cause the silver cord to shrink to its minimum.

The remedy is to turn away from arrogance and to practice humility. This causes the soul to isolate itself from the flesh of the physical body and the only contact that remains is the silver cord. And the flow inside the silver cord is not from the flesh of the body towards the soul – bringing fleshly things into the soul - but from the soul, that is filled with all kinds of spiritual things, towards the body - feeding spirit into the flesh of the body.

So these were excerpts from chapter 22, Mind and Body, and from chapter 23, Mind and Soul.

The examples I will later state in this chapter come from the writings of Jakob Lorber, from his work The Great Gospel of John.

A number of works by Jakob Lorber deal with different heavenly bodies of our solar system and especially also with the inhabitants there and these descriptions of the circumstances of the beings living there is often a reason for readers to consider the content of the works by Jakob Lorber to be implausible. But the problem is then in most cases not the content of these descriptions but rather the content of the knowledge and the belief of the reader. We are all quite strongly influenced by the present prevailing material outlook on life and this quite strongly cast a cloud over what we believe when we deal with spiritual things.

I want to state here a couple of things which show in another light the possibility that beings exist on other celestial bodies of our solar system.

Even science sees today the possibility that our laws of nature do not have to be true everywhere else the same way they do here with us. Spiritual teachings say every heavenly body is its own world and has its own laws, also its own laws of nature. And that includes the possibility that also the forms of consciousness there are others than ours.

Already on our earth we have different forms of consciousness at different times; during the day this is the form of being awake, and at night it is another, that of sleeping, and before we fall asleep there is the hypnagogic state where we perhaps already get an insight into the spiritual kingdom. And this state of transition some call the small death because it is similar to actual death. And then when we really die we have after that again another state of consciousness, and that can be quite different for different people, the most familiar ideas for these states are heaven and hell. And on the way to it there is also again a transitional state of consciousness, and that is the one with which we are dealing here in this chapter especially, the state where this silver cord comes undone from the body on one side and from the soul on the other side.

The laws of the spirit have not changed for eternities, but how extensively the laws of nature change, as they are seen by scientists, one can see by looking at what happened there about a century ago. They were of the opinion then to possess nearly all knowledge about the natural world and to just have to clarify certain secondary phenomena and then they discovered suddenly that all matter was just a special form of energy and that when one had a closer look there were only atoms which nearly completely consisted of empty space, so that actually there was no matter, and then the scientists got confused through Einstein and his ideas who saw everything relatively and whose ideas then got confirmed and then even Einstein got confused when there was talk about indeterminacy or uncertainty principle and there was the completely new quantum theory. And up to now many scientists seem to have difficulties to make friends with these things and to accept the weird stuff that goes on at quantum level that particles are in two places at the same time and that seem to know if a human being is watching them.

All this is most certainly a gigantic change of what science considered to be truth just less than two centuries ago.

All this is after all going in the direction that the whole material world is just an apparent world, something transitory, and that the real world is something spiritual, something eternal.

And all this also indicates quite directly after all that science, which only deals with the material side of life, and is afraid of the spiritual and excludes it, stands on very shaky legs.

And that what it considers now to be true may after only a few decades look quite old and out-dated.

But we all, and also many Christians, let ourselves be so strongly influenced by this permanently changing material thinking that we quickly give away what we believe to know and what we believe to believe when we think of the spiritual side of life.

To believe in living beings on the sun seems, seen from the material perspective, to be ridiculous, but when one then has a closer look at the heat of the sun then science says that the mechanism of energy supply there is one of the classic problems of astrophysics and that there is need for clearing up. It could be quite possible that the sun, like the moon, only reflects energy und does not produce it itself. Science now wants to send a machine to the sun to find out why the corona of the sun is so much hotter than its surface, and when the surface is so much less hot than the corona, which is far away, then it could possibly be that beings live there, perhaps under completely different conditions, and under completely different laws of nature and under completely different states of consciousness than we do.

There is another indication that the sun might not produce light itself but just reflects it and that this applies to all other stars as well. In Genesis 1:3 it says And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. But only 13 verses later, in Genesis 1:16 the creation of the sun and the stars is described: And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: he made the stars also. So the sun and the moon seem to be of equal status, both just reflecting light that was already created earlier.

My studies of the works of Jakob Lorber and of Bertha Dudde have shown me that I hardly have found anywhere else so much truth as in these works, and that our knowledge, here in this world, under these worldly conditions, keeps us rather away from real truth and misleads us and is a hindrance to find real truth, to recognize it and to accept it.

One of the most serious signs of the works of Jakob Lorber and of Bertha Dudde is the fact that again and again clearly and bluntly action is taken against wrong religiosity, against all the phenomena of the man-made church and their representatives and that with this the harmony with the teachings of Jesus Christ is established, who himself so sharply took action against such people that they killed him.

We think we know that there is no life on the other celestial bodies of our solar system, and the main reason is that we ourselves after all have been on the moon and have found there nothing. But we were there with our form of consciousness which is effective here and this possibly prevented us to see there what is really present there, exactly like we here, when we lay aside our form of consciousness of the day, and sleep, and also do not here, from this earth, perceive anything, and still are highly active, dreaming, which moves our emotions as strongly as when we would be awake.

Today, after I read the following report, there is for me further reason to look at everything scientists dish up quite sceptical. Read the following:

“Nasa touched up universe pictures
Nasa has Photoshopped a rainbow coloured aura out of the way around the Saturn moon “Dione”. Conspiracy theories were expressed when this was recognized at YouTube by a user. Why has Nasa touched up? The answer is: for aesthetic reasons. Apparently without the colourful aura one could recognize a clearer picture of the moon. For the time being the conspiracy theorists are silent now. But the question remains: Did Nasa want to cover up something completely different?”

Just yesterday I read the following:

“Consciousness is one of the last outposts of pure mystery in our understanding of the brain. Sure, there is plenty to learn about how the brain's physiology controls our bodies, emotions and enables thoughts. But where "we" exist in our bodies, how we develop that sense of self and how it can be explained in terms of the activity of mere cells in our brain – all of that is still a mystery.“

The whole lunacy of such scientists and their followers is obviously quite well expressed here as they can only imagine material things - things like the brain - as far as consciousness is concerned, and think they can completely leave aside the spiritual.

I myself never was really a believer in science and after several years of stay at a natural science university my experiences there with scientists rather led to a decreasing than an increasing belief in science.

I now want to come to our first example and therefore quote from Jakob Lorber’s writing The Great Gospel of John.


Upon these my words Mathael arises and says: »If it would be allowed I would well like to have a little say in this matter to contribute in greater detail to it!«

Say I: »You just speak after all what you know and understand; for your knowledge and understanding stands on best ground!«

After that Mathael starts to speak, and his words went like this: »Dear friends and brothers, I do not know how I got hold of it that I at times already from my earliest youth could see spirits and could even discuss matters with them, which then was also a main reason according to which I actually entered the walls of the temple; for I was told that there the spirits, which often had already become very annoying, would no longer have control over me, and I would also from then on no longer catch sight of them. Now, that was right and quite in order; because when I put on the temple’s blessed clothes my seeing of spirits was completely over! How and why this I could not state; but it is completely true and right.

But although I have been freed from this plague through the walls and through the clothes of the temple, but so the spirits still knew how to get their revenge in another way. I being later terribly possessed was certainly a very annoying result of it! The rest of that my highly unfortunate state is known, and I do not need to say a further word about it. But quite a few things are still known to me from my earlier state of seeing spirits, and when I here tell all my henceforth friends and brothers some outlines, I believe to at least also do them a small service at this opportunity.

When I first was about seven or probably about already eight years old, then suddenly five people died from a plague like epidemic; they were the neighbour’s wife, two of the older daughters and two otherwise quite healthy maids.

It was strange that only nothing but grown up and otherwise certainly quite completely fit maids and women died of this epidemic. But when the wife fell ill in the neighbour’s house, while already the day before the two daughters and the two maids suffered death, the neighbour came out of desperation of nothing but sorrow to us and implored us to help him and if possible to snatch his wife from death; for my father, having a quite nice estate near Jerusalem and mostly living there, was if necessary also a physician, and therefore it was the more a kind of duty to follow the call of the unfortunate neighbour. That I was then not allowed to remain at home you will easily gather from the fact, that I not rarely could give the father quite good remedies because my spirits not rarely indicated such to me openly and trustingly.

My father quite safely thought that I would meet spirits in the house of the neighbour, which would announce something for the cure of the fatally ill neighbour, and so I was then willy-nilly (i.e. willingly or not willingly) taken along. My father was then also not mistaken; I really caught sight of many spirits – certainly good and bad ones indiscriminately. But it was this time another thing with the recommendation of any healing medicine; for a great spirit, dressed with a light grey pleated dress, told me, when I approached him about a remedy according to the wish of my father: >Look at the passing away woman! Her soul is already emerging from her chest, which is the usual way out of the soul from the body!<

I now had a closer look of the dying woman. A white vapour rose from the chest, spread above the chest more and more and became also denser all the time; but I did not notice anything like a human figure for a long time. When I was looking at this a little doubtfully, the light grey great spirit then said to me: >Just look how a soul leaves its earthly home for evermore!< But I said: >Why then does this parting soul have no shape while you after all, who are also pure souls, have quite proper human shape?< Said the spirit: >Just still wait a little; only when the soul will be completely out of the body, it will already gather itself nicely all right and will then also be quite pretty and friendly to look at!<

While I was seeing such vapour above the chest of the sick person spreading and thickening, the body was still alive and groaned at times like someone who was tormented by an oppressive dream. After about the fourth part of the time of a Roman hour the vapour hovered in the size of a twelve year old girl about two spans high above the dying woman’s body and was connected with its chest only still through a finger thick vapour column. The column had a reddish colour, soon became longer and became also again shorter now and then; but after every getting longer and renewed becoming shorter this vapour column became thinner, and always while getting longer the body got into visibly painful jerks.

After about two Roman hours according to time this vapour column was completely released from the chest, and the lower end looked like a plant with very many root fibres. But at that moment when the vapour column was removed from the chest, I noticed two phenomena. The first consisted of the body becoming completely dead, and the other in that the whole white foggy vapour mass changed in one moment into the to me only too well known wife of the neighbour. Immediately she put a white shirt with many pleats on, greeted the friendly spirits standing round her, but also asked at the same time clearly how she now was and what happened to her; she also was immediately highly surprised about the nice area in which she now was.

But I did not perceive anything of the area. That is why I asked my great light grey one where then the nice area could be seen. Then the spirit said: >You cannot see this out of your body; for it is only a product of the life imagination of the deceased and will only gradually pass into a greater and more solid reality!< With these words I was dealt with, and the spirit then talked in a tongue completely incomprehensible to me; but he must have said something very pleasant to the now free soul because its face had quite brightened after that.

But it struck me as strange that the now free soul no longer seemed to pay any attention to what happened to its former body; she evidently immediately talked very well to the spirits, - but everything in a tongue completely foreign to me. With time also the two deceased daughters and the two maids came along and greeted their mother and mistress with all friendliness, - but not as if the first two would have been her daughters and the other two her former maids, but as genuine, true, good friends and sisters, and that in a language foreign to me and completely incomprehensible. But none seemed to pay the slightest attention to their body which was certainly earlier very much honoured after all; and they also did not seem to perceive any of us still mortal.

It was strange that the soul of the just deceased woman indicated certainly still quite well in Hebrew immediately after the escape from the body her pleasure about the sight of the nice area; but after she so to say had more collected and condensed her thoughts she used a language which according to my knowledge should not now exist anywhere in the whole world and among all its mortal people.

I therefore turned again to my light grey one and asked him: >What is that what the five, which have newly arrived in your kingdom, now talk about together, and in what tongue?<

Said the light grey one: >You are after all an inquisitive boy! Exactly because of you they talk this own spirit tongue, for they do not want to be understood by you; for they exactly know and feel it that you stay here as one who can see and speak to the spirits out of his body the same as a Burmese in High India. They also know and feel it that their bodies are still here; but they no longer worry them more than you an old jacket, which you have thrown away as completely torn. You could now offer them all kingdoms of the world with the prospects of a thousand year long life full of health, so they would still never return into their bodies! But that what they talk together you would not understand, and even if it would be in your tongue; because they see now just in this time that the great promised one is already as man, even still only as a tender child, in the material world. When you are a man you will recognize him in Galilee.<

That was the answer which the light grey one quite well-behaved and friendly had given me. This was certainly a very memorable phenomenon which I then saw as a boy just as true and alive as now you all; and that the light grey one had dished up no untruth, of it the proof lays in that I now have really found you, o Lord, in Galilee as the light grey one has announced to me.

I now would have only liked that a little bit more explained why the soul in the moment of parting rises from the chest as vapour, and why not immediately as a developed human form. – Lord, you most loving, you all wise master of all life, would you well like to give us an explanation of it?«


So that was the first case.

The question Mathael asked in the end is quite justified and the Lord then also answers it – what I do not bring here. It is justified because in the third case, which I will still bring, the soul immediately rises in a completed form, and there the reason for it is given once more, but in a shortened form.

So this first case of the accounts of Mathael deals with the wife of Mathael’s neighbour.

We do not hear much about this woman and her spiritual state and therefore we can assume that it concerns a quite normal believer who lived in the time of the beginning of our Christian Era in or near Jerusalem and therefore was a case in which many Christians find themselves today.

The silver cord is here described as a finger thick vapour column which connects the chest with the white vapour and has a reddish colouring and gets thinner with time.

And then the lower end of the vapour column, after it was released from the chest, is so described that it reminds us of what Robert Monroe said: it looked like a plant with very many root fibres.

The different forms of consciousness of the different persons are of course also interesting in this report. So had Mathael insight into the spiritual kingdom, but his neighbour’s wife on the other hand was also aware of the nice area there, which Mathael however could not perceive. So could it also be that when a person with the abilities of a Mathael would be on the moon, even he would not be able to perceive that what constitutes there the actual normal form of life.

The following is a statement from Bertha Dudde (B.D. NR. 8648):

When you are told the soul of man enters the spiritual kingdom then you do not really understand all what is to be understood under the later: Everything outside of life on earth is the hereafter. And all celestial bodies hold spiritual in the most different degrees of development, where truly every soul can continue its course of development when it does not remain so stubborn in its resistance that it is up to no good to its own agony in creation-less spaces.

What of course interests us much more is what effect the spiritual state of a dying person has on the silver cord and especially on the detaching of it from the body in the moment of death and there the next example, of which I will only bring isolated excerpts, will impart an excellent impression:


(Mathael:) »When I was a boy of twelve years and was already capable of thinking and speaking quite manly, then several murderers and robbers of most severe nature were determined to be crucified. There were seven of them. That caused then quite a stir not only in the whole of Jerusalem but also far and away in the surroundings.

Finally the terrible day of horror appeared. The henchmen and the jailers arrived, and the seven were undressed except the private parts on open space at the presence of thousands, upon which they were bloodily whipped. I only could watch this execution from far, but still noticed how during this treatment a lot of black bats flew out of and away from the whipped like a swarm of bees; also like small flying dragons rose over the whipped, and these steamed and smoke now already considerably less.

A special kind of complete coal black vapour and smoke now also started to develop above the chest area of these seven and grew more and more until double the size of the ones hanging on the crosses; I also noticed the certain vapour cord, through which the alighting vapour was connected with the still feverish and convulsive twitching body. But the black vapour mass did not open up perhaps into a human form but into that of the most horrific of a largest and completely black tiger’s, but which was striped with blood. When these black beasts soon stood there enough developed, they forthwith started to rave exceeding terribly and tried to vehemently completely separate from the body. But that did not work; because the life cords were so stubborn that it was not possible to break them through any force.

(Mathael:) »In half an hour we were already again at Golgotha and there met apart from the watchmen almost no-one. But the seven offered a sight of deepest horror. I do not want here to talk so much about the awful appearance of the seven half corpses than rather about their souls which were not yet removed from their bodies, but which went to all trouble to destroy and tear up the bodies themselves. These black and dark blood red striped tigers dug their claws into their bodies and sank their teeth into them; bad they had to feel a painful repercussion for it out of the still nerve-living body. For after each bite inflicted on the body they made painful wrath faces and immediately laid their paws on the responding same spots where they had bitten into their half dead body.

But now I noticed a spirit who, standing on a cloud, just lowered himself out of air height and carried a large, naked sword. >What will he now do?< I thought to myself

I now only looked at the great spirit who was wearing a dark heavenly blue pleated garment, what he then would do in this story. Listen! As the leg breakers were waiting for the command to smash the legs of the seven and to finish off with the said blows anyone still being alive, there the powerful spirit stretched his sword out and smashed the threads to pieces, with which the black tiger souls were still connected to the bodies.

When these awful souls were rid of their bodies they suddenly got a more human appearance, walked along on their hind legs, but completely dumb and with saddest and suffering appearance, and the spirit barked at them: >Go away to the place of your evil love; it will attract you! As your deeds therefore also your wages!< But the seven shouted: >Are we to be damned, then there would still have been time for it! Why did we have to be tortured when now eternal damnation awaits us here?!<

Said the great, mighty spirit: >Everything was and is still up to your love! Change this according to the order of Jehovah known to you, and you will be your own redeemers; but except you no-one in the whole infinity of God can redeem you! Life is yours, and love is yours; when you can change your love then it will also reshape your whole life and being! And now leave!<

At these sharp words of the great and mighty spirit the seven drove off as quickly as possible under a horrible howling; but I was so cheeky to ask the great spirit to what kind of end this will come with the seven later on.

And the spirit got up again and said nothing but: >Their highest own will! With these it was not lack of upbringing, not of understanding, and they also were not possessed – than only through their evil will. The vermin, which you saw escaping from them during their abandonment and during their flogging, were no foreign demons, but pure products and monstrosities of their own evil will. Therefore the judgement was just; for it was dealing with seven perfect devils for which there was on this world no teaching, no word and no improvement! But here with us where everything becomes obvious their fate will be as they will want it out of their love. There will be no lack of opportunities here, even if only to pretend, to try their hand at still more evil or else also at something better. Understand that, boy, und also explain that to your father, for whom no sight is given for this!<

With these meaningful words the great and mighty spirit disappeared, and the leg breakers began their work.


It says there, there the powerful spirit stretched his sword out and smashed the threads to pieces, with which the black tiger souls were still connected to the bodies. This was necessary “because the life cords were so stubborn that it was not possible to break them through any force.”

So the silver cord was so strongly connected to the body that a spirit being had to separate it by force.

This situation at Golgotha is an extreme situation, extreme towards the bad side, and now finally an example is to follow which is also extreme but towards the good side, and we want to see how now the separation of the silver cord happens in the following case in Bethany. Also here I just bring excerpts.

The man who died in this case was Simon the leper in Bethany, in whose house Jesus was when a woman came and anointed him with precious ointment, Matthew 26:6 and Mark 14:3.

In the writings by Jakob Lorber this man is also already mentioned in his work The Three Days in the Temple. Simon was the father of Lazarus, and Mary and Martha.

So now follow excerpts from the report of Mathael:


But as we got ready to go into the house and to take there our rest, we discovered a man who straightaway set off towards our house with a sheep urine bladder lantern in his hand, and it hardly lasted some moments, and a quite sad, still quite young man, stood before us.

Immediately recognizing my father as a physician, he said in a melancholy tone: >Friend and doctor! I come from Bethany, my name is Lazarus, I am the son of the old Lazarus, whom I love above all! He suddenly fell very ill today, and he is in a bad way! Our rabbi, who is also a little bid a physician if need be, is now quite at a complete loss with my father! He advised me to go to you, as you would be an exceptional physician and has already brought help to the ill in cases where another physician has found no remedy any more. Come and heal, if possible, my suffering father!<

But with these little helpful considerations we came finally to Bethany and there into the very reputable house of Lazarus and found the sick person just breathing convulsively his last, of which it is said that for them there is no cure yet.

Two weeping, otherwise exceedingly sweet daughters of the dying man, stood round the bed and still a lot of aunts and cousins and sobbed and wept, as it is already always usually happening at such times. Our guide, the son of the house, also wept with them and forgot for sheer sadness to ask my father whether there would still be some help or not.

Only the little rabbi approached my father whether there than would still possibly be anything to apply after all, which could bring the old man at least for a short time back to consciousness. At first my father said nothing upon this question, but asked me quietly how it would be with the old man, and whether perhaps the soul already begins to draw itself out of the body and to rise.

But I said to the father, as I saw it, in all innocence:>The soul hovers already quite perfectly about half a man high in horizontal direction above the body and is connected with the body only still through a hair-thin light thread, which after the experiences made by us should perhaps last no longer than sixty moments; it will tear most easily. But it is strange to see how that enormous light column, which we saw in the great nature with the natural eyes, shows itself here again above the head of the soul, has the same light power and also lets a pleasant warmth radiate from itself. The soul does not turn its eye away from this light column and seems to have a great comfort at it.«

(Mathael:) »When my father had heard such from me he turned immediately to the little rabbi who became already impatient and said: >Friend, as I now have observed the matter, every drop of even the strongest life balm would be a waste there; for his soul hovers already head-high above the already as good as completely dead body. Therefore now just launch into your dirge psalter, and notify as a priest to men that no earthly help is here capable of anything!<

With this explanation the rabbi made a bit of a sour face and asked the father how he was capable to notice this. But the father was never of a too great politeness and said to the little rabbi dryly into his face: >How and from where I see this and know is none of your business; you just do your thing, and I know quite exactly and well what I have to do!<

At this moment the soul was completely untied from the body, and several very magnificent and wise looking spirits took it straightaway in their midst, gave it a miraculous beautiful pleated garment made of like whitest bissus, and one took the light column, bent it round the loins of the now free soul, and it became immediately a belt mightily shining like the sun. At the same time a mighty spirit put a just as mightily radiating hat on the head of the free soul and said: >Be, brother, forever adorned with the light of the wisdom shining out of God in you!<

But with this all high present spirits along with the now released soul left also immediately the house, what I told the father at once, and the father said to the rabbi: >Now, while the soul of the old man is completely removed from the body, you will surely go and announce to the people weeping themselves nearly blind the complete death of the old man?!<

I also saw first no such actual vapour cloud with this soul, but only at once a quite well developed human form, which is only linked up with the body with a very light violet thread, which also soon completely tore off, whereupon the soul, straight away as completely free with a dazzling white pleated dress of finest bissus, stood there in the midst of several white and mighty spirits, as I have recounted it formerly.

(The Lord:) »But as the old Lazarus had completed his earthly life career so well …

We now go into the death room of the old Lazarus! There you saw no disturbed vapour figure hovering above the corpse, but already a more full human form. The reason of this lies in the great love for activity, which already indicates a perfect inner, spiritual life, which is devoid of all fear of the coming great activity in the endless kingdom of the heavens. The anxiety vibrations of the soul cannot take place there, and therefore the human form of the soul is already at once at the first escape out of the body undisturbed and in full rest visible, of course for him, who has the rare ability to see such.

The small and extreme thin string between the soul and its body shows the always least desire for earthly things and therefore also the completely easy and painless separating from the body.


So that was the third case and with this soul of the old Lazarus we are told, that his soul was connected to the body only through a hair-thin light thread, and therefore came undone without difficulty, soon without help, by itself.

“The soul does not turn its eye away from this light column and seems to have a great comfort at it.”

The hair-thin light thread caused this man to have a death experience which gave him great comfort.

And the hair-thin light thread was again the result of this man having had a life that corresponded to it.

“The small and extreme thin string between the soul and its body shows the always least desire for earthly things and therefore also the completely easy and painless separating from the body.”

The always least desire for earthly things is that what makes passing away easy for us and therefore we have a clear objective – the heavens.

Above we read the following:

“The reason of this lies in the great love for activity, which already indicates a perfect inner, spiritual life, which is devoid of all fear of the coming great activity in the endless kingdom of the heavens.”

The word heavens is here plural.

Finally the following from Jakob Lorber:

“Into the first, the wisdom heaven, come mostly only souls from all other world bodies, and from this earth the souls of those wise heathen, who have according to their knowledge lived very conscientiously and just, but also in the hereafter do not want to hear of my person. But if they accept in time something, then they can perhaps be received into the second, therefore higher or also middle heaven; but they never come into the third, innermost and highest, the actual love and life heaven. For only those will come there who have already reached full adoption as God’s children.

I think that also these kinds of death, which were narrated to you by brother Mathael, should now appear to you as being sufficiently explained; but if there is still anything not clear to somebody then a question is up to everyone.”



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