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This is the 26. Chapter of "The Man-Made Church."


26. Faith, the Intellect and the Man-Made Church


by Frank L. Preuss


I came across a highly interesting prophecy. It fits very well the theme of this book "The Man-Made Church." But it also fits very well the theme of the first book "How to Measure Your Beliefs." So it is a prophecy that suits both books and therefore the whole website. But there might even be a third important aspect of this prophecy that has become recently relevant and that is the time of the end. The end might be closer than most people, even most Christians, believe it to be.

So here is this prophecy. It has the title "Hardness of the Fight Against Faith" and comes from Bertha Dudde and was written down by her on 9. September 1945 and she gave it the number B.D. NR. 3542.


Great confusion will exist during the last war of beliefs among men who do not have a living faith but only accepted a formal faith out of tradition and did not let it become alive through love and through the use of their intellect so that the faith in them would become a convincing one. Things will start happening very fast and many will become unsure of their faith because they are lacking knowledge due to want of loving activity. Because this results in wisdom, so also in recognition and knowledge about Godís eternal plan of salvation that underlies all happenings. Men are making too little use of the gift of the intellect by neglecting to think about faith teachings that have been given to them from outside. And such faith teachings have not yet become intellectual property, they have not been seriously verified and their truthfulness has not been examined and they therefore cannot be defended convincingly, on the contrary, man will be strongly shaken and he himself will be in danger to throw away his faith and that is his own fault. God has given man the gift of the intellect so that he makes use of it, so that he thinks about all spiritual goods that are offered to him by his fellow human beings. When a man does not take a stand on faith teachings he receives and accepts them uncritically then they are not his own spiritual property and they will not offer resistance when the thinking is exposed to strong shakings that the coming war against the faith will bring. Then men will be seriously exposed to questions which they will have to answer for themselves and for the world and their answers will contradict strongly the faith teachings and, because their faith is a dead one, they will drop it without hesitation. Even the ones that appear before the world to be believers will not stand firm because they themselves lack conviction as they are without deeper knowledge and understanding. At a time when decision is demanded the spiritual poverty comes particularly to light. Because even those will fail who assume to be certain in the face of threatening behaviour through the world. Because in this time only one thing gives strength - the word that God himself sent to earth, that reaches man due to his close connection to him as the result of a living faith. Because this word gives men full knowledge and therefore convincing faith so that they stand firmly by God and even severest threads will not cause them to budge. And this word must be heard when the still dead faith is to become a convinced, living one. It is a source of power, the ones that are getting weak can derive strength for themselves from it, out of it they can always draw knowledge that gives them bright light and that lets their faith grow to such strength that they never give it away for the sake of earthly goods, that they offer resistance to the craving of the world and remain faithful in their love for God whom they confess before the whole world. The time of the struggle will be short but severe but nobody will remain without strength to resist who hears the pure word of God and accepts it because it will earn him the strength of his faith that conquers everything and God himself will be with him. Amen. B.D. NR. 3542.


I think this prophecy speaks for itself and I will just leave it at this.



This is the end of "Faith, the Intellect and the Man-Made Church"

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