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This is the Contents of "How to Measure Your Beliefs."

How to Measure Your Beliefs

by Frank L. Preuss


1. Introduction

2. Faith Principles in Creation

2.1 The Spiritual Realm
2.2 Believing and Speaking
2.3 Made Out of the Invisible

3. Faith Principles Out of the Mouth of Jesus

3.1 Everything is Possible
3.2 Mark 11:23
3.3 Aiming at a Faith Goal
3.4 What is Truth?

4. Faith Can be Measured

4.1 How Did Jesus Measure Faith?
4.2 Prayer Examples
4.3 Prayer Mistakes
4.4 Matthew 17
4.5 We Measure Faith

5. Levels of Faith

5.1 Unbelief
5.2 Little Faith
5.3 Doubt
5.4 Faith
5.5 Great Faith
5.6 Victorious Faith

6. Questions

6.1 Is it Right to Imitate God?
6.2 Is it Right to Pray for More Faith?
6.3 Can Prayer Success Lead to Pride?
6.4 Must We Always Pray Audibly?

7. The Power of the Tongue

7.1 We Confess the Word of God
7.2 We Keep Our Tongues From Evil Words
7.3 The Vocabulary of Silence
7.4 Led by the Holy Spirit
7.5 The Real Battle-Field is the Mind
7.6 Untrustworthiness, Gossip, Lying

8. The Language of Kings

8.1 Abigail
8.2 To Speak to Things
8.3 Jesus Speaks
8.4 My Personal Confession
8.5 Faith and Love

Table 1: Jesus Measures Faith


Table 2: Faith Levels

Agape - 1. Corinthians 13:4-8


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